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Nadia Sawalha

Written by Philip Garcia

What does it mean to be so special you emanate a distinctive charisma? You could ask Nadia Sawalha that question and she would be happy to answer if she knew what being “distinctive” is all about. The fact is this lady does not think she is extraordinary even if we beg to differ.

If you are the daughter of an actor you are expected to be “different”, if you are the daughter of a Jordanian Born English actor called Nadim Sawalha and his English wife Roberta Lane you are something else. .

So what gives with Nadia Sawalha’s “something else” the kind of “something else” that did not care when Nadia was the fourth person to be evicted from that Big Brother Celebrity House? After all Nadia has a great career as TV presenter, and when interviewed on Celebrity Big Brother News she confirmed her happy life “I’ve got a brilliant family, a lovely husband, beautiful children and a lovely job. The other thing is that it’s (Big Brother) going to be huge fun. It’ll be a test but all my family are weirdoes and nutters so I’m already prepared for it!”

With her Sun in Scorpio, Nadia is right, she does have undercurrents of a “weirdo nutter”, type of girl; her moods are dark and intense, especially behind locked doors, even though she would not admit it. She depends on “Moon in Taurus” to balance things out, and gift her with a harmonious constitution. In other words, she likes most of her interactions over tea and crumpets. She is patient as she perseveres to that end. Okay, she might not actually have chintz curtains and ceramic ducks over the mantelpiece, but at one stage of her life she might have thought ducks were a good idea.

Seriously, the fab news is that Lady Luck will always be on Nadia’s side; with such an exalted Taurean moon she is adept at pulling rabbits out of hats when she needs them. With her natural tendency to give and receive, she is a great mum, demonstrative, affectionate, supportive, generous, always there when you need her. She can also cook up a storm; after all she won Celebrity Masterchef.


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She also told Big Brother on line “I love to cook for people! My mum’s only bit of advice was, ‘Don’t take over the kitchen because people hate people who take over the kitchen on reality shows’.

“Okay”, we hear you say, “So far so good, but really, what makes Nadia “distinctive” other than her astounding acting skills and great personality”. Well let us venture an answer, her Mercury in Sagittarius?

Merc in Sag will always encourage the inspirational and curious. Nadia will stick her head into some psychology treatise that explains the purpose of life on this planet, and if you interrupt her reading stint will snap your head off. Yes Mercury in Sag is not exactly a master of tact.

However it is Nadia’s Mars in Virgo that will pick at a bone, analyse orange peel to dust, and dot countless “I’s”. She also likes to analyse why someone did her wrong until she can analyse no more. In fact she will ask her own questions and then answer them, as if she really knows the answer. If she picks a bone with you, it is pick at this, pick at that, plus fidget and fuss, till she becomes the “Mother of all Nags,” but a charming “Mother of All Nags” if you get are meaning.

Now for the super news! This lovely lady has Jupiter in Taurus which means you can pretend that everything we said in the previous paragraph is a proverbial “load of old cobblers.” Jupiter in Taurus folks are the epitome of peace, wisdom truth and love. In other words once this beautiful lady’s head is out of that psychological treatise, she is a lookalike for Gandhi, also a chap with Jupiter in Taurus. She has a broad heart; she has a strong affinity to nature and the beauties of our planet. She will sing in the rain and smile through storm. In other words once she gives up on picking at orange peel, she will be enlightenment in person. Oh, and by the way, other Jupiter in Taurus honeys are Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy and the ever delectable Audrey Hepburn! Now tells us this lady is not distinctive! We rest our case.

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