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Mohamed Al-Fayed

Written by Philip Garcia

Mohamed Al-Fayed, also known as “the Phony Pharaoh” is an intriguing mix match of fame and infamy. Born under sun sign Aquarius, right from the start Mohamed, nicknamed Dodi, knew he would be “as rich as Midas”. He had seen his school teacher father struggle to bring up a large family, when he was kid in Egypt, and Mohamed wanted more from life.

He dreamt of building a pyramid to fame and fortune, and unbeknown to him, every brick would be supported by pragmatic Mercury in Capricorn. He knew he would succeed when he sold soft drinks and worked as a sewing machine salesman and he was right! Eventually Mohamed Al-Fayed would forge his way up the ladder to personal power and a multimillion dollar empire. Kismet, Destiny, Fate, call it what you will, showered his life path with lucky breaks and useful connections.

The fact is he had the right methodology, the astute vision of a master planner, and a nose for a great deal. A superb Mars in Virgo added on astounding creative energy, and his Aquarian sun encouraged a visionary perception of what was possible. Add this to an Aquarian moon gifting him with a shrewd awareness of human weakness, plus a capacity to manage resources efficiently, and the road would be free of obstacles. When Mohamed Al-Fayed was still struggling to make a name for himself, logical Venus in Capricorn encouraged him to marry Samira Kashoggi whose brother, the arms dealer Adnan, got him into the Saudi Arabian export business.

By the way, Mohamed Al-Fayed’s rather passionless Venus does not usually nurture dreams of romantic love. Yet his third marriage to the Finnish model Heini Wathen, with whom he has sired four children, appears solid. In short, this is a man whose astounding capacity to manifest his dreams is a done deal. However that deal would not all be smooth sailing, eventually there would be a heartbreaking price to pay.

He arrived in Europe in the seventies, subsequently bought the Hotel Ritz in Paris, restored it and in the process was made a Chevalier of The Legion of Honour. Mohamed Al-Fayed creamed his cake by buying the House of Fraser in London, and of course that included the mythic Knightsbridge store Harrods. But a feud resulted with Toland Rowland, who had also wanted to purchase Harrods at the time, accusations followed with subsequent feuding.


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Scandal followed scandal, and Jonathan Aitken, Neil Hamilton and Tim Smith were all said to have been involved in the shenanigans. Perhaps as a result of the uproar, Dodi’s request for UK citizenship would be relentlessly turned down; he was considered of doubtful character. Notwithstanding Mohamed Al-Fayed soldiered on, Jupiter in Virgo knowing that his mission was worthwhile, that if he continued to push he would reach the top of the pyramid and clinch the ultimate deal, British Citizenship. He felt the United Kingdom was his home, and there was little that would deter him from battling for his place amidst the “movers and shakers” But then the fates fell on his head, with the loss of his beloved son Dodi, and Princess Diana in that historic Parisian car crash.

The horror of it would affect him forever, Mohamed has never accepted what happened and like the hero of a Greek tragedy, he gives credence to Saturn the taskmaster who makes him aware that terrible challenges are part of human existence. Yet Saturn also pushes Mohamed on, encouraging him to seek answers to what is inexplicable. Mohamed Al-Fayed’s search for justice resulted in accusations of his turning the Inquest “into a circus”. But for Mohamed, it is natural to doubt the “powers that be” he is more than aware of the dangers of corruption, and his Aquarian moon had always warned him to be on the lookout for human frailties. Mohamed will never trust anyone. Perhaps because deep within him, he knows the lengths a man could go to get what he wants! So he faced down Princes Charles and Phillip, accusing them of being responsible for the accident. His repetitive questioning became a “cause célèbre”. In any event, Pluto in Cancer tends to make him paranoid about his and his family’s safety. Sadly, none of his money, power and social clout can stop the workings of fate, a fate that had been his friend and guided him to untold riches!

In truth, Mohamed is a master of life’s ceremonies, in the good and in the bad. Nothing can detract from his deep resolve, his capacity to shoulder immense responsibilities. He is not to be underestimated, for his perceptions are honed in, his wisdom astoundingly perceptive.Yet his mind leads him to great suffering, due to his incapacity to believe in the fundamental goodness of the human race. A goodness his sun sign Aquarius would encourage him to recognise, yet his karma and diverse planetary positioning, block him from experiencing. It is time he started living a sweeter life. Difficulties are edging away, he is regrouping, and even though he will continue his perceived search for Justice, a wish for something wonderful and close to his heart will manifest, and relieve his suffering soul. We wish you the best of luck Mohamed!

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