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Michelle Visage

Written by Philip Garcia

We all know that Michelle Visage is the ultimate; the ultimate singer, the ultimate TV and radio host the ultimate Madonna lookalike and probably the ultimate mother and wife, with two daughters Lillie and Lola, and a hubby who adores her. That said, who is she? Well, for starters, this is a lady who likes her sheets silk, her flowers fresh and her candles golden, and she will dig you big time if you are not a fool, and akin to Pablo Picasso in talent and passions.

That said, we know she went to South Plainfield Art School in New Jersey, we know she attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, and that she sung her heart out in “Seduction” an R and B dance vocal group. We also know she formed part of The Soul System And sung “Its Gonna Be a Lovely Day!” But above all we know she came fifth on Celebrity Big Brother. If truth be told we also know Michelle Visage is not afraid of saying what she thinks and that she always knew Katie Price would win that there contest! However, if you want to know even more about Michelle Visage, the following astro explanation might help.

Okay, Michelle Visage was born Michelle Lynn Shupack on September 20, 1968 with both her Sun and Moon in Virgo This combo makes Michelle one hot to sizzling cookie. We can just see her as a young woman, laying out her life map, determined to make it sooner rather than later. She knew she was bright and sexy and wanted other people to know it too. However she never needed approval. “Who needs schmucks to tell one who one is?” would be her motto. A double Virgo pays attention to detail, social, aesthetic and creative detail, a double Virgo does not need others to know who they are.

She made all the right moves, she was determined, and when a double Sun and Moon Virgo is determined, look out world! She worked hard and gave her all, ensuring all her I’s were well dotted and full stops and commas were noted. Saying that it might be surprising to learn that that one so “out there” loves privacy, she would say “That is what I had a family for!” In fact her home is her haven. When the gal is weary with the world, she peals of her bodice her pan make up and her false eyelashes and pops into a pair of warm pyjamas happy to snuggle up on the sofa. Of course cosy Venus in Libra has something to do with that!

The great news about this lovely lady is her Mercury in Libra. You might scratch your head with a puzzled look on your face, so let us explain. Those of you who have never been charmed by Mercury in Libra will not understand what we are about to say. They are super magnetic, not always classic beauties, but darned attractive and charming emissaries of peace. In other words, if you ever meet one of those Merc Lib people, prepare to be knocked off your perch! You might even stuff the darker elements of said planetary combo, after all who cares if they tell enormous porkies, and upset everyone with uncalled for asides; in the main they are just so charming!


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In other words, Mercury in Libra are always delectable especially since their charming “wheelings and dealings” could end World War III. Michelle Visage is obviously of that ilk, you know the peacemaker, negotiator and mediator, but in her own way of course. She kept out of trouble on “Celebrity…”, cleverly veering for the winning side, ever so often pressing a button, and going against a grain to ruffle someone’s feathers. Well she is “show biz” you can’t expect her to snore right through BB now can you?

Now for the Real News. Michelle’s Venus in Libra is clearly responsible for her stunning presentation and ever growing fame. “Oh come on,” you will say, “What does that really mean?!” Well it means she knows how to present her case, she knows how to get on the right side of people who matter, and in the meantime she is considered a charming looker, someone who will listen to another guy’s point of view without scrunching up her facial features.

Now if you think that is good news, there is even more. Michelle is lucky enough to have Jupiter in Virgo. She might say “Lucky with Jupiter in Virgo! Are you a fool?” Well, no Michelle, Jupiter in Virgo is doing its best to encourage you. You might think it has taken ages, and a lot of hard work to get where you are, but remember you learned much along the way, and now that you are stepping into maturity all your efforts have not come to naught, every day you are becoming a wise, and beautiful trend setter. In short no matter what difficulties you face, be encouraged because this planetary combo will always guide you forward; all you have to do is spend some time in nature, or offer something significant to mother earth; perhaps not totally your thing but very grounding.

No matter how challenging, no matter how hard a Jupiter in Virgo life might appear to be, one day dear Michelle you will get that you are an awesome “one off” damsel. Whoever said “Learning that life is about losing, and about doing it as gracefully as possible” as you enjoy all the success in-between of course. Now that is about right as far as you are concerned.

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