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Melanie Sykes

Written by Philip Garcia

Hold on to your breeches guys and gals, not only does this girl sizzle, but so does her astro. Just one look at Melanie Sykes and the heat’s on, and for two reasons alone, she was born a Leo on August 7 1970, and is an exotic honey with an Anglo Indian mother and an Anglo Burmese father to boot. In fact, when she initially hit the fame button with those Boddington TV commercials her aura blazed so hot it burnt many a cornea!

Seriously, Melanie does not only have a lucky genetic set up, she has a magnificent astro line up which starts with her moon in Libra. This means she walks into a room, and “bam” “wang”, that “larger than life” stance knocks people’s for six! Some folks bow ever so slightly, believing they are in the presence of greatness; perhaps due to Melanie’s glorious physical attributes.

Being the fun personality and looker she is, she landed many a top job, including those Big Breakfast interviews, that co presenting gig on the Paul O’Grady show, all that hosting of the National TV award, and all that “looking stunning” and acting charming to those Miss World contestants. Yet, if you think about it, how could it be any different for a girl with such a superb zodiac mix like a jubilant Jupiter in Libra? Melanie’s Jupiter in Libra is a planetary blessing , as it tends to enhance beauty and creativity Melanie has not missed out on either. In fact, those super career breaks ensured commercial success at a young age.

Unfortunately Leos have been through some pretty troubling times recently, with Neptune in Scorpio raining all over Melanie’s “fire sign” parade, and pushing her to the emotional hilt for the past couple of years, in fact she has had enough of crying her eyes out! The good news is that in 2015 Melanie will see some of those emotional bad times melting like ice in the sun.

The trouble is Melanie’s love life, and she would admit to that. Even though she has been quoted as saying “I love being in love!” that intransigent Venus in Virgo is the thorn in the side. That restrictive Venus added fuel to flame, and as a result her tempestuous relationship with Jack Cockings collapsed in a heap. Could Melanie’s Leo temper, and picky romantic Virgo placement be responsible for all that OTT behaviour? If truth be known, Melanie is capable of throwing either the mother of all wobblies or turning ice cold. She obviously threw the “mother of all wobblies” when she was arrested after one hellava fight with Jack. He claimed she had been physically abusing him.


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“Obviously it hasn’t been easy” she said “- it’s a big deal – but I make my life happen and my friends and family help me.

“Sometimes, you end up losing yourself trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.” She said.

Like most Leos she has no regrets, she puts challenges down to life experience, the kind of experience she faced up to in the Australian jungle on “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” Not only did she have to tackle a hot and sweltering Aussie summer; she soldiered on without a makeup bag in sight.

Will our Melanie soldier on through those Libra in Uranus glitches? Sure she will. She has all she needs to, because she is ready to mature as a woman and human being. Even though Libra in Uranus could stress out personal relationships, it also predicts magical charisma and attractive career breakthroughs for Melanie through to 2016. Now that is good news!

Melanie’s life could be described as a tapestry with more gold than dark threads, twisting around each other in perfect synchrony, but then she would not have it any other way!

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