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Russell T Davies

Written by Philip Garcia

No matter how grey then sky is, and how heavily the rain falls, Wales certainly stimulates a man’s grey matter and brings forth creative geniuses such as Martin Amies, Roald Dahl, Ken Follet, Dylan Thomas and Dick Francis. There is obviously something about those craggy Welsh peaks that inspires the exceptional to reach into their psyches and bring out their best. And so it must be said for the 6 ft 6” tall, renowned screen writer and producer Russell T Davies born under the sign of Taurus! He has created exceptional TV dramas such as “Queer as Folk”, “The Second Coming” and more than revived the lagging “Doctor Who”. He grew up in the Swansea suburbs, later attending Oxford University and receiving a degree in English Literature. After cutting his teeth in Welsh theatre, he moved on to BBC TV, and began working as a production assistant. He later morphed into director of young kiddies’ shows such as Play School and subsequently the very popular Children’s Ward on ITV, which won a BAFTA for Best Children’s Drama in 1996. Russell is brilliantly gay and it is said that some of the experiences he wrote about in “Queer as Folk” were based on his own experience of the highs and lows of the gay clubbing scene. His Venus in Aries would make him forthright when it comes to his love life, the kind of man who jumps in the deep end, never holding back from what he perceives as emotional intensity. In fact his Jupiter in daring Aries makes him a risk taker, unafraid to go where “Angels fear to tread!” in his art, his life and his relationships. He writes about his own experience, which lends a rich emotionality to his themes. The loss of his adored mother was said to have left tracks in some of the Doctor Who installments, this man is a virtuoso, his capacity to relate to the human psyche more than profound. He touches his audiences, makes them laugh, and makes them cry. His mini-series on gay themes in “Bob and Rose”, his contribution to the “Red” Series, won him a Writer of the Year British Comedy Award. Some of his flair could be laid at the door of a brilliant Gemini Moon, the silver lady encourages him to flit from theme to theme, dive into the purpose of each character with stark realism. Underneath that complex exterior there beats the heart of a simple man, one who understands the very heart of life. His Sun in Taurus would give him that grasp on basic human needs, he sort of dances between the high minded and the down to earth, moving from situation to situation, idea to idea, place to place infinitely adaptable and unable to halt the creative flow, he once said “I like taking big, high-concept ideas and pulling them down and making them real. The impossible can become very believable. Every story is ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, even if you take falling in love, which, although it’s very common, feels extraordinary when it happens to you.” He knows about falling in love he has had a stable relationship with his partner Andrew Smith for some time. But it is Mr. Mars in Leo who is his greatest friend. That amicable Mars would have energised him, gifted him with the courage to assert his beliefs, his sexual choices, and his craft. His feeling nature is supported by a solid inner core, making him highly prolific, without the usual creative crises that can confront the more unstable artist. Fiery hoops are not something he distains or even shirks at; he just leaps thru them with a smile on his face. Why? Because yet again his Jupiter in Aries enhances that confident aura, asserting his individuality, making sure he is no shrinking violet. He tells the story how it is, helping his audience to become aware of gay themes, but also opening up the flood gates of their emotionality. Right from the start, when he was just a young lad at university he knew that to reach the stars he would have to acquire all the knowledge necessary. His Saturn in Aquarius told him so! Mr. Saturn also made sure he learnt his lessons well and surged forth into life, unafraid. Mr. S encouraged him to absorb and learn, not only about the arts, but the intricacy of human nature. His north node in Cancer has but one lesson for him, and it is to trust that others care for him, that he does not always have to hold the fort alone, but can expect love to give back. However it seems that he has already learnt his main karmic lesson in this lifetime, which is to merge with the feelings of others. This lesson not a difficult for him to learn. His creative choice has afforded him the luxury of identifying with each of his characterizations. Over the next couple of years Russell’s emotional life, including his friendships, will be very fulfilling to him. There is a sense of stability and satisfaction to them. A clear and open road lies ahead, an emotional journey that will continue to stimulate his talents, and new career choices. Certainly this man is a one-off, with exceptional flair; so much so, we sense he could be nominated the next Welsh National Treasure! He certainly more than deserves that title. God bless you Russell!

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