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Written by Philip Garcia

One might ask oneself why the sight of the apparently staid Rowan Atkinson morphing into Mr. Bean or the confused vicar in Four Weddings and a Funeral has us gasping with so much hilarity. One could ask oneself till the “cows come home” but the answer is not that forthcoming unless one blames his comedic tomfoolery on a Gemini Moon. The fact is Rowan’s thinking processes are rather more “off beam” than his Capricorn sun sign’s solid views on life. Rowan has been compared to Charlie Chaplin by some; he certainly has built up a similar fortune, being worth approximately £100 million. Like Charlie he also has a gift for mime, but his take on comedy means spending hours working on multifarious aspects of his characterizations so that his high jinks continually have the whole world laughing.(Mr. Bean is popular from Naples to Burkina Faso).You could also blame Mercury in Capricorn for such a single-minded attitude to his craft if you wanted to, anyway a capacity to work through that hidden, dour side of his nature, so that the funny scene comes into being with such hilarious verve. Funny Rowan probably has not inherited a show biz gene; his father was a farmer and one of his brothers an economist. Obviously quite upper crust, his religion is Anglican and he studied engineering at Newcastle University, keeping to “the straight and narrow” and doing more or less what was expected of him. But mix his comedic gift with that friendly Gemini Moon, and hey presto, our friend would soon be writing nutty sketches and shaking the proverbial ground under an admiring public’s feet. It all started at the Oxford University Dramatic Society, the Oxford Revue and the Experimental Theatre Club. He was a riot, his shenanigans much appreciated by an intellectual status quo. Mars in Pisces would have helped, always making him a great fellow to do business with. He has been collaborating with Richard Curtis and the composer Howard Goodall throughout his career. They would have found his attitude easy to get along with, perhaps because his capacity to create an unusual act is so ingenious; see him playing an invisible piano and marvel! But hang on, as far as Rowan’s love life is concerned it would be hard for us to see him as a sex symbol, but here that old phrase “still waters run deep” would be most apt, as he has a sultry Venus in Scorpio you see. Now everyone knows, and if you don’t we are telling you, that Venus in Scorpio is inclined to attract the opposite sex with awesome magnetism. Ha! Ha! We hear you giggle in disbelief. Certainly, we are aware Rowan is not exactly sex symbol material especially when it comes to his interpretation of the rather physically unappealing Mr. Bean, but again, we urge you to contemplate the indisputable fact that Rowan is an awesome performer, and with that Scorpio in Venus he would be more than capable of hiding the fact he is a closet “sex bomb!” Ummm not convinced? He adores his two children from ex wife Sunetra Sastry, and is attentive and kind hearted, making sure they get the very best educations and have a fun environment to grow up in. But what we might really need to understand about Rowan is that he is a single minded, indomitable soul, his mastery of his craft is inspiring. Why? Because wise old Saturn in Scorpio decided to bestow upon him a karmic gift for comedy. Indeed, from a metaphysical perspective he could have brought his art in from past lives, as we said showbiz does not show up as being prevalent in his gene pool. However, his capacity to entertain us is, and that capacity forms part of his soul construct, which is absolutely unique in its expression. One could be so bold as to say he metaphysically channels his characters, his “Blackadders” and “Mr. Beans” could all come from an astral plane in his head, as they flow naturally without conflict or inner struggle; they are in fact part and parcel of who he is. There is a sense that his strong Capricorn aspect would make him conflicted though, attached to his past yet wanting to move on from it so a new type of Rowan can emerge. A funnier and funnier type of Rowan, one who is aware of the deeper side of human nature, and the feelings many of us hide and serve this gifted comedian well, especially when he acts us out with such a rich sense of the ridiculous. This could be a wish fulfilling year for Rowan Atkinson, some project he has been keen on for a while could be fulfilled, and he will be able to step in to an inspired way of doing something new, perhaps a TV series, or another film, which we will be sure to enjoy just as we did his “Never Say Die Again” an unlikely James Bond spoof. In any event, there are new opportunities for him to discover, and various doors opening, ones that will ease his consistent worrying about the future and make the most of that versatile Gemini Moon, as it sails him through whatever there is to sail through. We wish this exceptional entertainer the best of luck, knowing that we will be consistently laughing at his droll characterisations and inspired comedic art.

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