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Robert Pattinson

Written by Philip Garcia

If someone were to tell you that Robert Pattinson’s “matinee idol looks” were of no consequence to him at all, would you believe them? Yet his sun in solid Taurus accounts for Robert’s laid-back attitude about his “gorgeousness”.

If someone were to tell you that Robert Pattinson’s “matinee idol looks” were of no consequence to him at all, would you believe them? Yet his sun in solid Taurus accounts for Robert’s laid-back attitude about his “gorgeousness”. Good sense tells him he is just lucky, and he certainly does not believe he is anyone special. Mars in Capricorn still makes him a cool dude though, and the truth is you will never know what he is thinking, especially when he does not want you to know. His tendency to go dead pan when put on the spot could be a result of that British “stiff upper lip” and education in one of the best public schools in Great Britain. Stubborn could be an adjective that describes his general demeanour, especially when looking to get what he wants. When thinking deeply, he gets lost in reverie and might swing back so low in a chair he could tip up and fall on the floor! “Robert pick yourself up” – only joking, because he is, after all, destined for a very stimulating career. Sensitive moon in Cancer tells us that hard work makes him feel secure and if it is to do with self-expression, the more the better. Those super easy going moments are frequently just a “passing fad” by the way, especially when he is immersed in his roles. He is an excellent actor, “dark, moody and conflicted” as in Twilight or Dracula moments. These interpretations are as far away from his real personality as chalk is from cheese. He is well balanced. He knows when to pitch in and he knows when to rest, inner conflict is not on his list of “things to do!” To counteract the occasional over sensitive moment, he has good old, bull headed Taurus lined up in Mercury mainly to help him focus on positive outcomes and build future success. Did you not know Taureans always reach their objectives? Regarding his romantic roles, one could not say Robert is like other British film legends, he is no Cary Grant because although tall he is not exactly lanky or debonair, instead he has a rather dark look that can express a mix of “love em and leave em”, coupled with “romantic obsession”. This of course makes the fans sigh with dreamy longing. Amorous “roles” are not the true essence of the guy. You might be surprised to learn Robert is light hearted when it comes to his Eros. His love stories have included the lovely Nina Schubert but his real soul mate has not shown up yet. He loves to converse with the birds of the trees with a potential paramour and hates to get heavy, in fact obsession is certainly not his prerogative in a love affair. At least he thinks not. Pluto in Scorpio can make him yearn far too deeply when he falls passionately and he might desire the physicality of his object of affections with intense and sensual yearning. But in general, he wants fun and versatility, to chop and change, to be stimulated, and with Gemini in Venus he is certainly not looking for Helen of Troy but rather a cute, fun, rather slim girl, who can make him laugh. He hates emotional “drama” in his every day life, even though he is so good at it “on screen!” Robert’s present tendency to be “jolly” will not detract from his spiritual search later on in life, with Jupiter in Pisces there is a deep, albeit hidden, yearning for a major understanding of the human condition even though the bloke might not be prone to admit it. He will want to contribute actively to the world scenario and could investigate philosophy or go deeply into the “why we are on earth” scenario. Fame somewhat embarrasses him and although he is proud of his achievements he feels he has even more to contribute to his life, and the lives of others. He is no “airhead” in other words, and would hate to live out his acting career as a strictly romantic hero. He is already being offered mature, challenging roles and he will learn to express feelings and contrasting emotions with unique dynamism. He is intent on perfecting his craft and again with Mercury in Taurus, he is perfectly capable of burning the midnight oil to get a scene perfect. He is professional, punctual and serious in his commitment. This young man has learnt to be patient with collaborators, takes a practical approach to problem solving and remains grounded with his well-balanced attitudes charming others. He will keep his wits about him even when confronted with the challenges looks and fame dish out to him on a regular basis. This chap will not lose his way or get addicted to adulation. He has been well brought up, he has manners and he will remove himself from bitchy colleagues in a bat of an eyelid, especially if they do “neurotic” on him. He knows how to cancel people out and protect his space when needed. His common sense helps him do that! He is incredibly kind, and would always help someone out if he could, especially his family and friends. His tendency to “blockishness” is minimal, although it does emerge on occasions, but mainly with mates he likes to joke around with. He is in short, your archetypal British male star, a wonderful, handsome lad with a dynamic future ahead of him and over the next 18 months he will not only touch the clouds but learn that love can be incredibly exciting too, with Venus so ready to shine for him. We will watch his future with fascination and our continued support.

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