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Richard Bacon

Written by Philip Garcia

Richard Bacon is the kind of guy one would have had a massive crush on at high school, I mean he was so handsome as a kid, and still is, and such a catch with that refined, middle class upbringing.

Richard Bacon is the kind of guy one would have had a massive crush on at high school, I mean he was so handsome as a kid, and still is, and such a catch with that refined, middle class upbringing. His Dad is a solicitor, his mum Governor of his ex primary school, a more respectable mainstream background a man could not have… and yet this is the guy who charmed the British public on Blue Peter, and shocked them when he was caught sniffing coke. The case caused a furor, and he was immediately and loudly sacked. But, notwithstanding all that finger pointing, all that scandal this guy is a survivor whose good looks and utter charm won through and convinced the world that the drug incident was but youthful folly. He is now a well-respected TV personality and certainly has us galvanized when he preens the screen with that effervescent charisma and sexy vibe. Blame his charm on Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, Mr. Sagg is inclined to shower beneficial vibes on those born under his friendly rays, and our mate Richard is no exception to this rule. Add communicative Mercury, also in Saggy, and we have an openhearted approach coupled with a tendency to have people eating out of his hand in five minutes flat; it is amazing to see actually. May be his moon in Libra has something to do with his popularity. It will make his physical demeanor harmonious, and he will pull the ladies like bees to honey. His heart is open, even if somewhat resistance to commitment. He is married to Rebecca McFarlane, but we sense previous to this loving relationship he had a rather difficult emotional experience, that could have been karmic and might have caused him some pain. Venus in Libra will make him look for harmonious ways in his partners, they would need to mix and match to his rhythm, to dance to the same tune. He does not go for loud-mouthed asides and foot stamping, he needs peace, and would want his environment to be ordered and harmonious, Feng Shui would do him fine, and a beautiful lady smiling at him more often than not also. But be aware that no matter how much Mr. Sag has blessed our hero, he does possess a rather off beat tendency to put his foot in it. Frankly, he might need to curb his patter now and then! He was noted for dropping a famous clanger when presenting Top of the Pops. He quipped about a band as being a “big, fat melting pot of talent”, Ouch! But above and beyond his occasional foray into controversy, he has done well hosting The Big Breakfast, Back to Reality and presenting radio shows on BBC and Capital FM. Please be aware Mr. Bacon is not just a pretty face, Mars in Gemini will have made him down as an ambitious go getter, using that overwhelming charm to cut to the chase. In fact he has an energy overload going on, he is active and proactive, chatty and charismatic, and he can keep going for hours with quick repartee and a laugh and a joke. He is crushed if someone criticises his stance though, and could be prone to sulking in a corner at the drop of a hat! But he is not one to nurture resentment; he moves out of bad vibe scenarios pretty quick since “glum” is not good for publicity. But what makes this man so able to pull back from the edge, and skip on to a successful career? Few could have rebounded from the BBC Blue Peter incident with such aplomb, if you think about it. Well, please note that Jupiter in Aries factor! It will cover him with honor in the midst of ruinous times. You see, Jupiter’s bright light will consistently encourage him to avoid the distressing, and cultivate an optimistic viewpoint, standing up for the good and never lingering too long over what went wrong in the past. In fact this man prefers to concentrate on what is right, and how he can make things even better. Somewhere, deep within him, there is an inbuilt wisdom that knows it is a waste of time “crying over spilt milk”, due, in our view, to rather “old soul” qualities. Yes, whether you believe it or not, this gentleman has incarnated on planet earth so many times he knows the score backwards! All due to that true node in Scorpio, which will gift him with a certain spirituality a certain wisdom and use such gifts to improve his personal communications. He will have realised that giving excessive important to the five senses, could lead one down the path of iniquity. He has a grip on the more profound aspects of his personality, you see, and is well aware of how to manage his inner life so that he continues a successful life path. Venus makes him a bright soul, a true life traveller, unafraid to push the boat out until he is on the high seas. But our friend needs to understand that he will always be safe, and he will never be in rags, living in a box somewhere. He just has to cultivate a deep faith, knowing that he will always be protected by a loving guardian angel, who has his best interests at heart. This year sees him discovering true meaning to existence; he will be starting a new cycle, so some aspects of his present lifestyle could be coming to a close. No matter how hard this, be rest assured he will win thru and find himself in more up beat situations. He will also feel a need for freedom of expression, not only in his career but also in his personal relationships. So God bless you Richard, you are an inspiration and our one and only golden boy!

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