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Prince Charles

Written by Philip Garcia

Each year Prince Charles participates in number of charitable projects, he works through his papers in the mornings, talks to his advisers, often starting work from Clarence House.

Each year Prince Charles participates in number of charitable projects, he works through his papers in the mornings, talks to his advisers, often starting work from Clarence House. Then off he trots, to strive in his own unique way for humanity. He was born under the sign of Scorpio, a decent man, who wishes the best for the British people, but at times has some challenges standing up to the constant pressure of being a Royal. His marriage to Diana, and his affair with Camilla were consistently in the public eye, and he has been judged as no other royal regarding his taste in women, and personal behavior. Notwithstanding, the pain and grief of losing Diana, and those accusations that he was responsible for her death, he still works for the future with some optimism, building on his strong relationship with Camilla and the many issues that interest him. The Prince’s Trust, one of his pet projects, encourages youngsters from difficult backgrounds to push for their dreams. Another of his concerns is climate change, and how it affects humanity, deteriorating the quality of life for us all, and throwing the planet into future chaos. He believes his work is sensiblising the public, helping them to realise they can go “Green”, and hold back a possible global catastrophe. Consider that Charles attends approximately 200 public engagements per year, obviously a man who wants to be of use. One of his other pet themes is deforestation, especially of the Amazon. He gives speeches on the subject, distributes pamphlets and reports. He is an intelligent man, he realises the Royal Family no longer retains its past standing, and that when King he will need to build on a new style of rule. Charles was born on the 14th November 1948; a Scorpio to the core, yet above and beyond this sign’s tendency to possess hidden, deep-seated feelings, his royal childhood was responsible for blocking down many of his emotions. As future King of England, he knew he had to have control over excessive sentiment, but being such a thin-skinned young man, it must have been hard to work through those teenage years at Gordonstoun, a traditional public school where he boarded. He is said to have hated life there, his touchy nature violated by strict rules and deprivations. The system failed to toughen or enlighten, it probably made him even more aware of the extreme nature of feelings. He called it “Colditz in Kilts”. As a young man he liked to have his finger on the pulse, Venus in Gemini inspiring him to social activities, and being an avid fan of The Goon Show, a 1950’s radio comedy staring Peter Sellers. He dated extensively at that time, but few ladies were suitable to become the future Queen of England. His dates included Fiona Watson, a Penthouse model; the actress Susan George, Lady Sarah Spencer, Diana’s sister, Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg, Janet Jenkins; and Jane Ward. They were all fun, but not his soul mate. His soul mate was Camilla, it always had been, and he could not change that fact, as much as he might have wanted to. Louis Mountbatten of Burma, known as his beloved Uncle Dickie, wrote to Charles saying: “In a case like yours, the man should sow his wild oats and have as many affairs as he can before settling down, but for a wife he should choose a suitable, attractive, and sweet-charactered girl before she has met anyone else she might fall for… ” But Charles was not one to splurge his emotions, and remained a bit of a dark, Scorpio horse where intimacy was concerned. He wanted to retain a sense of dignity, but it has to be said the violation of his privacy as a human being can be considered horrific, especially when a British Newspaper intercepted a very private call he was having with Camilla. His inner world had clashed with his outer world. As a result he trusts few. His challenging relationship with Diana was kept under wraps for months, in his view, Diana lost control, and as she started to talk about her marital distress publicly, Charles washed his hands of her. Yet it was not easy either, his moon in Aries could have been overbearing, could have upset Diana. His Venus in Gemini needs mental stimulation, but not consistent stress. He grew bored, exhausted with the marriage, wanting maturity from Diana, yearning for a more motherly figure, rather than an inexperienced young girl, who people liked just because, in his view, she was pretty. Some said he was jealous of her popularity, but the fact was he did not understand it. Their breakup was inevitably blamed on Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, and did not endear him to the general public. Mercury in Scorpio can make him cynical, sometimes indifferent and dismissive. He pretends excellence from others, and will pick up on weakness till a person becomes excluded from his circle. He will sense those around him, being extremely intuitive, yet he is unable to analyse situations objectively, and sometimes offends as a result. His north node in Gemini will attract him to philosophical matters. Sir Laurens van der Post was a guru to Prince Charles, and fanned Charles’s interest in New Age philosophy and Kabbalistic art. Charles will be going through a crisis this year, there is a sense of change around the Royal Family, issues to stand up to, some of the testing and arduous. From his birthday onwards he will become surer of himself again, overcoming most of the challenges. A strong Mercurial influence has made him insecure of his emotional choices in the past, but his connection to Camilla will continue to grow, through some quite normal ups and downs. There is a karmic play out between them, and he will stand by Camilla s she might find herself challenged. Charles is a complex man, introverted, with deep passionate feelings he hides from others, sometimes even from himself, but we wish him luck, and hope that he will become King of England.

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