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Written by Philip Garcia

Mercury in Gemini will continue to keep his vision expansive, with a tendency to miss out on any realistic elements to this enigma, hence some of his wilder assertions during the 2008 inquest.

“They seek him here, they seek him, they seek him everywhere, is he in heaven, is he in hell, that darned elusive Pimpernel!” Paul Burrell is not exactly the Scarlet Pimpernel of “18th century novel” fame, but he is an elusive, try as we might we have a hard time understanding him. He is also a contradiction in terms, on the ball, yet a dreamer, realist yet an incurable romantic. The fact is, he is ready to divulge his truth about what was really going on behind the walls of Buckingham Palace on almost a daily basis. Let us remember he was a member of the Royal Household for many years, first a footman to Queen Elizabeth, and then Butler to Lady Diana. Mr. Burrell is a Gemini, he would have to be, and no other sign could rustle up such complex perceptions of reality, such an intricate view of Royal “goings-on!” Be that as it may, Mr. Burrell does have an “unconscious” tendency to embellish. He is totally sincere in his assertions though; the moon in Aquarius would make him say what he does for the good of humanity. After all, Diana was our “Princess of Hearts” and we loved her deeply, cosmically. Many of us still wonder how she met her death! So Mr. Burrell will continue to add fuel to flames, he just cannot help himself. Like Diana, he also has a firm faith in those significant cosmic forces working behind the scenes, forces that have touched his life on a mythical level. Neptune in Scorpio would gift him this perception, but also his “I am on a mission” stance, and the firm belief that his “truth” is his “destiny”. He was “meant” to know the princess, and to present an alternative picture of her, a truer picture than that of the mainstream press. Mercury in Gemini will continue to keep his vision expansive, with a tendency to miss out on any realistic elements to this enigma, hence some of his wilder assertions during the 2008 inquest. His later comment that he had thrown “a few red herrings” whilst on the stand is to do with his north node in Scorpio, which we will explain further down the page. But this does not deviate from the fact that Mr. Burrell’s statements hit the proverbial “nail on the head”, and made the Establishment quake in its boots. After all he is the owner of a letter written to him by Diana stating that she was certain Prince Charles was arranging to get her assassinated in a car accident, so he could marry Tiggy Legge-Bourke! Mars in Pisces will encourage Mr. Burrell to stand by his assertions yet continue to be evasive, casting doubt over Princess Di’s love interests at every opportunity. His statement that she never loved Dodi Fayed, and wanted to marry Dr Hasnat Khan cannot be contradicted by anyone, because he is the sole recipient of these facts. So we will all have come to our “own” conclusions, a clear result of the melodramatic picture he has painted around his own relationship with the Princess. He was her prime confidante and knew what was going on, and yet he did not divulge what it was, even to the Coroner’s Court. With that Venus in Taurus Mr. Burrell seeks security in his intimate relationships strangely enough; this would make him appear reserved. It is likely he felt for Diana, yet that fondness was protective, he truly loves his wife. Now he has become your average TV personality, with appearances in reality shows such as “I am a celebrity, get me out of here!” Jupiter in Libra would make him want to go on expanding his profile even more, his aim is to become beloved by the great British public. He would like us all to see another side to him, the less angst ridden side, the fun, “let’s have a joke” side. Mars in Pisces will make him a bit of a charmer; refined, sensitive, the kind of guy who “feels” with his heart. His emotional attachment to Diana and his grief at her loss could have pushed him to the edge. He certainly maintains that Gemini, Dr Jekyll/Mr. Hyde tendency, so you never know what to expect! Yet all those complex thinking processes, all these astrological planetary placements do not give us the answer to the secret Mr. Burrell shared with Diana. It was a secret so deep, only the two of them knew it, and one that he will carry to his grave. Now, as referred to above, let us return to Mr. Burrell’s north node in Scorpio; it makes him the classic “cosmic message bearer”, casting doubt on our “assumptions” of reality, and the truth of the “powers that be”. It helps us to notice that all is not quite as it appears. That we might be living in a sort of “Matrix,” that only the “chosen few”, such as Mr. Burrell, are aware of. So there we have it, that is Mr. Burrell’s true mission, a mission to make us think; help us ask questions about the proverbial “powers behind the throne”, and the status quo of what appears to be truth, and might not be! He has to some extent succeeded. This year it is likely that Mr. Burrell will move residence, and start making considerable changes to his social status. He will make new contacts that could help him in his media career; yet he will also feel closer to his kith and kin, and unite with good friends on his time off. Mr. Burrell is a true riddle; he will continue to fascinate us for years to come! We wonder if he fascinates himself as much as he does us, our feeling is that he is enthralled!

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