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Ozzy Osbourne

Written by Philip Garcia

Deep down within the shadows of Saggy sun sign Ozzy Osbourne sits a “Che Guevara” sub personality. A revolutionary fighting for justice, for the working man, for the expression of subterranean feelings. His outrageous “acting out” in his hard psychedelic rock days was an “up yours” statement to the ruling classes whom as far as Ozzy was concerned were just plain repellent! A difficult childhood in Birmingham, when he had severe learning difficulties, and felt humiliated in class, probably made him swear he would stand up to the authority figures who had always made him feel so insignificant. His Mercury also in Saggy would have wanted Ozzy to hold his finger up at hypocrisy, small minded thinking, and limited perceptions of life. The karmic lesson in inherent in all this would be to overcome his lack of self confidence and reach out for his view of the truth. His needed to push the boat out regarding his own perceptions of art and music, for how could he speak of the darker, more complex sides of human existence if he knew little of them himself? Sagittarians are not known for their self control but for their charisma, they can be excessive, immensely humorous, and consistently outrageous. Jim Morrison of the Doors was a Saggy, as was Jimmi Hendrix, both were rebels against the status quo and both died of excessive drug overdoses. So it was clear Ozzy needed structure and order to continue to keep his show on the road. In fact his earlier shenanigans as a heavy metal artiste were due to a “Rock Hero” lifestyle and extreme performance stress, resulting in alcoholism, drug ingestion and wacky stage pranks. You see no matter how nutty our friend might seem, and was, and sometimes still is, we repeat, he is a Sagittarian, the Archer, half man half horse galloping across the plains, and in Ozzy’s case not knowing exactly where he was going. And guess who gave him the emotional steadiness he so needed to see direction? His wife Sharon of course. That destined meeting with his soul mate was organised by his Moon in Capricorn. Ms. Moon wanted emotional stability for our friend, wanted to make sure that lines were drawn around his unbalanced lifestyle. Ozzy’s Venus in Scorpio would have been nothing other than devastatingly attractive to the female of the species when he was a hip young rocker. Female fans and rock groupies would have been falling at his feet. Mars in Scorpio would have assured that sexual charisma, that powerful capacity to live to the hilt, that passion, that huge energy and original talent. Sharon took one look at him and knew she had found the man of her life, but he was a wild man, and they had a wild relationship. Shindigs were the order of the day. Plates flew, they beat each other up, and she never let him faze her. All she could do was manage his career, as she fell more and more in love with him. It was Sharon who kept him on the straight and narrow when he was sacked by her dad from Black Sabbath due to excessive substance abuse. Sharon picked up his career and threw it into the media light, Sharon who stood by him when the lyrics of his song “Suicide Solution”, were blamed for two American teens taking their own lives. His excesses could be nominated borderline depravity by some. Certainly the American Christians scorned him, and claimed he had dealings in the black arts, and worse. He once shot all his family’s pets “I was taking drugs so much I was a wreck. The final straw came when I shot all our cats. We had about 17, and I went crazy and shot them all. My wife found me under the piano in a white suit, a shotgun in one hand and a knife in the other” In fact his deep need to express himself to a mesmerized audience, accounted for the “bat” incident, when he picked up what he thought was a rubber bat thrown on the stage by a member of the public – it was a real bat, and it bit him! Yet now in the 21st century, Jupiter in Capricorn, the beneficial Jupiter that has been running after him all his life, has taken our Ozzy in hand This kind of Jupiter will make sure he is a family man, devoted to his wife, so much so the thought of losing her sends him into fits of desperation and tearful sobbing. That his endearing, rather bemused role as the father on the hit show The Osbournes conquers the hearts of millions, when he becomes everyone’s favorite, good bad guy. When he was invited to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, President Bush noted Osbourne and jibed: “The thing about Ozzy is, he’s made a lot of big hit recordings – ‘Party with the Animals’, ‘Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath, ‘Facing Hell’, ‘Black Skies’ and ‘Bloodbath in Paradise’. Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff!” Finally in his old age, Ozzy has won over the teachers who did not believe in him when he was a kid with learning problems. Okay, so his health is no longer a hundred percent tops but he has finally hit the massive, big time. He had his first number one UK hit singing that Black Sabbath song “Changes” with his daughter Kelly after his motorbike accident. And currently he is one of the richest men in the UK. The awards keep rolling in due to the bright rays of kind old Jupiter, so he really need not look back, not unless he wants to of course! Over the next couple of years Ozzy will still be striking out in new directions, following his guiding light Sharon, who that stubborn Capricorn moon so wanted him to meet all those years ago. We can only say “Life begins at 60 Ozzy!” and your life is a very unique and precious one!

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