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Matt Lucas

Written by Philip Garcia

Eighth on the list of Britain’s most influential gays or lesbians, Matt Lucas could be described as a cherubic whiz kid, a mastermind, whose peculiar talent was spotted by Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves. They just knew he was an original. There was something about him, something screwball, plus a gift of the gab, and a keen eye for a wacko joke, they just could not ignore him. He can spot a droll situation in a second, and translate it onto paper in half a minute. This is due to super intellectual Mars in Gemini, which makes him smart enough to argue with a quantum physicist, brilliant enough to assess the ridiculous behind that veneer we call civilization. His famous catch phrases have become a silly yet controversial part of British society, and the pepper of his and partner’s, David Walliams, hit show Little Britain. The show has won numerous awards may be because Lucas excels in all his characterisations, including the homophobic homosexual Daffyd Thomas! His talent has to thank pure instinct, as well as a brilliant mind. The ideas just flow with his sun in Pisces and moon in Cancer. A bright Muse fills him with comedic inspiration 24 hours a day. He is a responsive fellow identifying so much with his characters that he literally merges into roles such as the drum, playing, giant baby in Shooting Stars, whose stream of farcical comments were understood by few but laughed at by many. No matter how ruthlessly funny he appears this is a guy whose shoulder you can cry on. Because not only will he gather together all his talents to make you giggle, but his kind feelings to help you out if you are in a tough spot, again soft Moon in Cancer, kind Sun in Pisces. Born in Paddington, he grew up in Stanmore, and was bald from childhood; some people say this was due to delayed shock after a road accident when he was but four years old. Perhaps it was then he decided life could not be funnier, and became a one off with an aptitude for hilarity. He attended Haberdashers Boys School and already showed promise as a clowning type of kid, everyone’s mate with that super ability to empathise. Sacha Baron Cohen also attended Haberdashers and interestingly Lucas has since written some spots for him mainly on Ali G and Borat. Matt would not like to boast about his generosity, but we can tell you he is a patron of the Karen Morris Memorial Trust, a charity in aid of leukemia patients and their families. Eccentric Mercury in Aquarius will make him aware of human suffering yet manage to deal with it in an offbeat manner, seeing the droll side to it. He already knew something about pain when he was a little kid, but chose to go for an open-minded attitude to the turmoil of his life, and everyone else’s. You see he has a cosmic picture unfolding in his head, blame that take on Mr. Uranus in Libra, it encourages a broad based awareness that something “greater” or “cosmic” might have a say in the ways of the Universe. Some might agree he is earmarked for comedic greatness, certainly for Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderful, also starring Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter. Nothing can hold him back not even his own oddity because Mr. Saturn in Gemini has driven his talent hard, making sure he leaves no stone unturned, giving him the capacity to concentrate full on, to achieve all that absurdity. You see, good old cosmic Teacher Mr. S wants our hero to make the best of his talents! But it is his north node in Sagittarius that will inspire every time, make him reach for the proverbial stars with an inspirational take. Always open minded, non discriminatory, he is consistently ready to find an unusual slant. He has long realised that the “kill joys” and “misery me’s” never get that far in life, except in his shows of course. North node in Saggy will gift him with that sudden brainwave, a capacity to mix match absurd jest and hair raising slapstick to perfection. He can play with his words and his comedic style so perfectly, that the outcome cannot fail. In fact we can expect to see this clowning nutcase fulfill his stellar talent to the hilt, Hollywood beckons. Nothing can stop him now; he is on a rocket the planet of Zog. So fasten your safety belts if you want to follow him there!

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