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Leonardo di Caprio

Written by Philip Garcia

A cross between one of the most “beautiful people in the world” and “Renaissance man” go a long way to describing Leonardo di Caprio. The story goes he kicked his mother in the womb while she was looking at a Da Vinci painting.

A cross between one of the most “beautiful people in the world” and “Renaissance man” go a long way to describing Leonardo di Caprio. The story goes he kicked his mother in the womb while she was looking at a Da Vinci painting. Well, Da Vinci was a genius, and Leonardo a whiz kid who began his career as a bubble gum poster child. Yup, Mr Di Caprio is still quite a charmer; his Mercury in Libra makes his conversation eloquent, his demeanour delightful, his relationship with the press balanced. Yet De Caprio’s cherubic countenance is a cover up for a Scorpionic love nature, which means passion, complexity and mesmerizing sexuality. He adores the beauty of his sensational girl friends, Moon in Libra, but he skates the surface of relationships, and keeps those sadder secrets locked away in his heart. This does little to encourage a happy family life. His ways of viewing marriage are conservative. He admires committed couples, and his close friend Kate Winslet’s happy relationship. But being a dad and a husband would be challenging for Leonardo; he prefers to fulfil emotions through carnal intimacy. His Venus and Mars in Scorpio reveal a magnetic charisma, inevitably drawing those he desires towards him, but he can play with hearts, withdrawing emotionally to hold the power in a relationship. He is unfathomable to his women, succumbing to moments of explosive frustration that clash with his open faced, fair haired looks! One could assume his complex love nature is a result of his parents’ divorce, but it is also sort of “soul thing”, a need to work out a karmic quirk that growing up in a particularly seamy area of Los Angeles might have brought to the fore. Yet Mr di Caprio has done much work on himself to balance out his over sensitivity. With Saturn in Cancer he will understand the multi layered aspects of a human being, and his acting skills glow with poignancy as a result. In fact, brilliant acting is number one on his “list of things to do!” Kate’s tragic lost love in “Titanic”, the confidence trickster in “Catch Me if you Can”, the anti hero in “The Departed” reflect this capacity to be someone else, someone as far from his own psychological makeup as “chalk is from cheese”. The most precious element of Mr di Caprio is that his Scorpionic intensity has opened him out to the more spiritual elements of existence. He will acquire a broader understanding of his higher side as he progresses through the next years. He will be inclined to expand through spiritual “knowing” as a result. This could be a year of change, he might feel exhausted, he might feel emotionally fragile, he might realise that there are certain elements to his existence that are no longer relevant to his development as an actor and a human being, and want to let go of them. He is building up maturity, emotional know how, and an individual expansion that will ensure a new set of expressive skills, a new way of approaching his art. A deep involvement in an emotional relationship, or the ending of one, will transform him in ways that he would have never thought possible. Leonardo is brilliant and intense, his nature more profound than one would imagine from his friendly demeanour and good looks. He is a riddle only he can resolve, and certainly it looks as if he will, and become even more of a myth in the process!

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