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Karl Lagerfeld

Written by Philip Garcia

Mr. Karl Lagerfeld is the kind of exotic persona that has the “timid contingent”, quaking in their boots. He is the ultimate fashion mastermind to reach iconic status, his life a rush of phone calls, appointments, meetings, and decisions. He will be in the swing of things from Dubai to Madagascar, always wearing those dark glasses, the ones he never takes off, that white hair, that pony tail that intimidating stance smacking of a refined character with an innovative take on life. We would expect him to be holidaying in Cannes, lazing at the edge of some private pool sipping his mineral water with a hint of distain, after all he has reached iconic status, and that can be stressful.
The fact is the intriguing Mr. Lagerfeld is a Virgo, and Virgos are prone to be hyper critical of themselves and others – Mr. Lagerfeld is no exception. But with his moon in Pisces, this man will waft off into his own world, inclined to melancholy, complex moods and sullen silences. Add to that Mercury in Leo, once he is there, in his own world we mean, he pulls down from the ethers a magnificent “something” out of nothing, in other words a fabulous new range of Haute Couture. Perhaps his creative brilliance is something to do with intricacies of his mind, a genial, yet convoluted place where his multifarious creations first come into being. Jupiter in Scorpio will have gifted him with an eye for business; a capacity to pull all the right strings, and make his fashion forays smart, intelligent and infinitely attractive to celebrities and society dames alike.
Karl moved to Paris in the 1950s and started working as a draftsman for a fashion house. His talent was spotted immediately and he was soon working an apprenticeship with Pierre Balmain. He subsequently joined up with Jean Patou, where he was creating two haute couture collections per year. He has designed costumes for films such as “Carmen”, “Callas Forever”, and ran up a few outfits for Madonna on her Re-Invention Tour, as well as designing outfits for Kylie Minogue’s Showgirl tour. His high street forays include H&M and before he could say, “where is my ipod?” Karl loves ipods; his clothes were literally torn off the racks by hoards of manic fashonistas!
He has been the centre of much controversy. Anna Wintour walked out of his show when he employed an Italian stripper, to model his Fendi collection and he is virtually at war with the Animal Rights contingent, standing by “fur in fashion”. He says, “In a meat eating world, wearing leather for shoes and even clothes, the discussion of fur is childish.”. In the north, hunters make a living having learned nothing else than hunting, killing those beasts who would kill us if they could kill us. “Michael McGraw spokesperson for PETA replied. “Lagerfeld seems particularly delusional with his kill or be killed mentality. When was the last time a person’s life was threatened by a mink or a rabbit?” Whether one agrees with Mr. Lagerfeld’s or not, it is clear that he takes a very strong stance, and once he decides something his stroppy Mars in Virgo will help him stick to his point of view. Yet with a magnificent Scorpio in Venus he can be charismatic, charming, and available, giving his all once he likes you, and once you agree with him. But when it comes to his inner circle, Mr. Lagerfeld is complex, he will never go where angels fear to tread, he is wary, and has a strong defense mechanism that protects him from hustlers and emotional vampires. He has a hawk like eye, and can suss out a loser at 30 paces.
Once he decides to commit himself to a friendship his intensity will be strong, yet his attitude strangely detached, we said he was complex! The Saturn in Aries effect, will have Mr. Lagerfeld’s incarnation on planet earth fully focused on creating modish attire and trendy accessories, his aptitude is distinctive, his sense of colour, flow and textile movement incomparable. Sometimes calculating, sometimes headstrong this man will be a total enigma not only to his public but his inner circle. He will create an aura of mystery around him, his controlled persona well defined and intentional. One wonders whether anyone has ever managed to scratch below the surface of Karl Lagerfeld, connecting to that place few have been privy to.
We sense once, long ago, he drew down the shutters and will continue to hide behind them, far away from the force of most human emotions, after all his mission is to design what is beautiful and see the ladies of this planet wear his creations, he cannot afford conflicting feelings. This year, there will be challenges to pick up on, and he will have to rethink his business, and revamp it to keep abreast with world changes. He might realise that some of the managerial processes running his Lagerfeld business are not as apt as they once were, there could even be a major reshuffle and some cut backs. But there is a strong sense that he will evolve to a new level, and he will stand as strong as ever, one of the most confrontational and brilliant designers in the world today.

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