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Jean Paul Gaultier

Written by Philip Garcia

“The Drama Queen of the Fashion World?” “A Genius”, “A Menisci” certainly an “Enfant Terrible”, born under the sun sigh Taurus, Jean Paul Gaultier, has his finger on the fashion pulse, his designs are still revolutionary, sometimes radical, devastatingly stylish but not to everyone’s taste.

“The Drama Queen of the Fashion World?” “A Genius”, “A Menisci” certainly an “Enfant Terrible”, born under the sun sign Taurus, Jean Paul Gaultier, has his finger on the fashion pulse, his designs are still revolutionary, sometimes radical, devastatingly stylish but not to everyone’s taste. Remember the sculptured bra Madonna wore on her Blond Ambition tour, and those outfits on the KYLIE 2008 tour? His unconventional models shocked in the eighties and nineties, those older men, those voluptuous women, those dudes in Kilts, those chunky body shaped perfume bottles, that long skirted coat worn by Keanu Reeves, even Beck’s sarong. Born in Paris, he never received any formal fashion training he was naturally genial, and Pierre Cardin was more than impressed by Jean Paul’s first scribbled drawings. Jean Paul’s childhood shows as fairly French bourgeoisie in origin, but his need to break down fashion sound barriers was borderline phobic. His sun in Taurus, with an Aries flavoured moon, shows him prone to sudden rages that fade just as quickly. He can seem buttoned down, consistently on edge on the cutting table, yet his suave, humorous side emerges delightfully at interviews and fashion shows. Add on Mercury, also in Aries, and Jean Paul can be addictive company, his skew-whiff perceptions more than mildly entertaining. But his wit will never be a total cover up for the passion ruling his intimate relationships, he can be extreme, with Mars in Scorpio, obsessive even, all consuming, more than exciting, with moments of sheer emotional “cut off” as he retires within to find his own space. His Venus in Aries will make him fall in love at first sight. He lost his adored partner Francis Menuge, to Aids and it shook him to the core. He continues to yearn for deep love that inspires his craft and his soul. But he is inclined to remain single unless he finds what his heart wants; half-baked love is not for Jean Paul. His north node in Aquarius would have him struggling with subterranean feelings that exhaust him. His life mission is found in universal concepts inherent in the sun sign Aquarius, as compared to his yearning to be approved of, noticed, admired. He has this inborn capacity to stand firm through arduous life tests many of us would run screaming from. He is not a politician, but there is some urgency in his message to the world. This is reflected in his ready to wear range, which is geared at the urban young, and takes a scathing look at those narrow “status quo” fashion styles normal folks wear at home and work. He pushes his “trends” out to space, to another level and challenges us as a result. This take has brought him fame and fortune, he is the darling of celebrity-dom. He once stated in an interview for the Independent “Celebrity is a big danger. People get very frightened, very selfish. It is terrible for their children, for the people around them.” Fame certainly touches Jean Paul, but he somehow manages to avoid the sharp edges of it, perhaps due to that earthy intelligence of his. With his Venus placement he does not only see, he feels the beauty and ugliness of life around him. He is visionary in his perceptions. The name of some of his perfumes “Le Fleur du mal” literally translated “Flowers of Evil!” or the popular woman’s perfume “Fragile” reflect his desire to interpret the truth of the human condition, what is really going on behind the scenes, because to Jean Paul fashion must be a mould breaker. Again, Mr. Mars in Scorpio is responsible for his high profile. It pushes him forwards compulsively, sometimes to work incessantly, with a dynamic high energy channeling through him. Nothing can hold him back, and if anyone tries to he can show a ruthless side, and something akin to fury. Jean Paul is a complex outburst of a man, enthusiastic, delightful, and fascinating. With Venus’s rays shinning all around him his yearning for freedom, and his frustration with imprisoning, materialistic takes of our society today, new style barriers will fall down as he sets even more controversial goals in the years to come. Glittering success will increase over the next couple of years, perhaps because Jean Paul teaches us who we can be, if we turn our backs on narrow thinking, and defined, rigid concepts of reality. He will feel the world crisis, and with it the end of a way of working or structuring his business. But if he stands firm he will stand strong, and a new beginning, both emotional and creative, could open out for him. We sense he could explore spiritual, metaphysical concepts and reflect them in his fashion. We will stand on the sidelines and watch, knowing that whatever he creates will be inspirational to us. He is a joy, and one of the fashion greats, along with Chanel and Dior. We raise our glass to you Jean Paul.

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