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Jack Black

Written by Philip Garcia

Mr Jack “You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow” Black, is an amiable goofy guy, born in California under the sign of Virgo.

Mr Jack “You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow” Black, is an amiable goofy guy, born in California under the sign of Virgo. Even though he is no golden skinned beach dude, he is a closet sex symbol, Nah! Yeah, this man has gallons of sex appeal but nobody could say he is an archetypical male lead. Be surprised, he is the kind of guy who clicks his fingers and gets a date with the peachiest honey on the beach. Why? He makes them laugh. He says of himself. “Never for a second did I think of myself as the sexiest guy in the world. When I was a kid I thought I was the strongest man in the world. Then, the fastest runner and then the smartest person in the world. One by one my delusions got shut down. Now I just see myself as the lamest guy in the world.” He could be considered odd, more gnome than romantic lead, more witty than droll, and more slapstick than quaint. Yet he makes us laugh so much, we find him extraordinarily attractive. His fun acts are performed with such dexterity, his capacity to communicate is so intense it would be difficult to remain indifferent to all that super-wacko acting out. He is a mate of Will Smith and the mind boggles at the thought of those two on a roll. His Virgo tendencies should make him the possessor of earthy can-do attitudes, it should not be difficult for him to deal with every day life. But he just cannot keep his fingers out of pandemonium once he gets going, a funny pandemonium but a pandemonium all the same. Perhaps it has something to do with his genes; both his parents were rocket scientists! It makes his brain function on a different wave length to the average bloke, the kind of wave length that helped him enjoy his “once in a lifetime” role in X files; perhaps the sinister force he represented was a laughing UFO. He had his main break in the movie “High Fidelity”. His rock band Tenacious D has its own fan club. His family are his greatest fans. With Venus in Cancer he is one of the most caring of men. Profoundly sentimental, deeply romantic and protective of those he loves, his wife must pinch herself every day, never wanting to wake up from their dream of a marriage. They were high school sweethearts; she is a cello player, which is significant as there is a part of Jack that is much hidden. A deeply sensitive part. A part that values the classic ways of doing things, the higher aspects of life, Saturn in Taurus makes him want base line security. Family, friends and his two kids must be around; he has trouble overcoming his fear of losing everyone he adores to some awful disaster. So he will build his house brick by brick, and make sure the foundations are solid and everyone he loves is okay in it. Mercury in Libra makes him smooth over rough waters, create good vibrations, build a world of options, and easy going communications. He is a laugh a minute at a social gathering; he does not stop joking when he is off screen either. He keeps his goof ball antics on the go and the fun just bounces out from him like a never-ending stream. Jack is basically a free spirit, Mars in Sagittarius says so. It also insists that he has a dream for a better environment. He could have Green leanings or want to help a war torn world. Deep down Jack Black the funny man, the guy who makes us all smile, makes us feel better, pushes us from the sublime to the ridiculous is a really nice chap. Moon in Pisces gives him an instinctive capacity to know what to say, to pull out from the depths of his nature the funniest comment, the most side splitting crack. This year, he will let go of certain ways of doing things, he will find his own life undergoes some unexpected changes, many of them will be positive and some will challenge him. There is a sense he will find a new way forwards another way of communicating his gifts and yet he will always make us laugh, our Mr Black. One can only end with trying to comprehend his fear that “Gwyneth Paltrow” would fall for him on set of Shallow Hal, but she fell for Brad Pitt instead. It only goes to show that our friend is not quite as sexy as we thought. But certainly more fun than we can imagine.

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