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Don King

Written by Philip Garcia

Every man has a good side, he might be outrageous, controversial, even immoral to some degree, but perhaps he loves his wife, his partner, his children so intensely he would die for them, sacrifice his all for a friend, or a parent.

Every man has a good side, he might be outrageous, controversial, even immoral to some degree, but perhaps he loves his wife, his partner, his children so intensely he would die for them, sacrifice his all for a friend, or a parent. In any event, something positive drives him forth in life, no matter his reputation or his philosophy. And so it is for Don King, who is indeed the “King” when it comes to Boxing Promotion, a “larger than life” gentleman who has reacted to life defending a panoramic vision with somewhat original, even dubious actions. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, an OTT Sagittarius, even his early reputation is puzzlingly controversial, he is rumored to have run an illegal book making business, and was condemned for murdering two men, one to defend himself from theft. The other was a second-degree murder for which he served four years in the state penitentiary. There are whispers that he has an involvement in organised crime! Interestingly in the 1997 movie The Devil’s Advocate, he played himself! Add these other facts to his list of things to do 1) he has been in hot water with the IRS and 2), there is an interesting blend of astro in placements in his personal sky, which could explain some of his more exaggerated actions. Let us be clear here, he is virtually guaranteed to keep that colorful vibe ablaze for years to come. His Sagittarian sign pushes him to acting “OTT” on a regular basis. One could compare his energies to a stereo blasting to kingdom come. Being a Sagittarian does excuse some of his major eccentricities we hasten to add. One imagines him galloping across the plains, his “gravity defying” hair to the four winds, an old style warrior on his way to storming a city. A showman “par excellence”, he pushes himself, and everyone else around him to the max – no small time, small print, small minded thinking for this guy. Remember, he was a lightening bolt when it came to managing such boxing stars as Mohammed Ali, and what he says goes every time. Ali filed a lawsuit against him incidentally. He has promoted Mike Tyson, Julio Cesar, Cavez, Mike McCallum, to name but a few. Not always considered “tactful” in his dealings with these stars, some have even filed lawsuits against him, for varied perceived misdemeanors. His personal life could be deemed spotless however. He is the “Padrino” to his three children, numerous grand children, friends and business associates. So at this stage you will be asking what makes this man tick? We are prompted to answer, Karma, cause and effect, past lives manifesting in this one, and full on too! Mercury in Capricorn will make him unsurprisingly conservative. In fact with Mr. Quick Silver nibbling at his heels, encouraging him to be rather closed minded, it is somewhat of a miracle he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008. But that mind of his is also very in tune, pushing the right buttons to dominate any major shenanigans, or off centre show biz escapades with dexterity. He will continue to organise fantastic sports events, but also to control and rule. He is not one to give into moments of weakness or self-doubt. Venus in Capricorn does not show him up as a Mr. Romantic. He will be inclined to hang on to his woman, old-fashioned style. The “Mrs.” needs to make sure he gets his three meals a day, that his shirts are washed and ironed to perfection, and that the servants do his bidding. He expects her to be part of his business plan, the centre piece in a realistic partnership, especially since the rest of the world will be trying to get a piece of their pie! He will do anything he can to help a loyal friend though, move mountains for them in fact, but those who puts “spanners in his works” better watch out; he is not that forgiving, not really. But if you met this awesome gentleman in person, you are virtually guaranteed to be charmed. His Mars in Sagittarius will make him a thrill a minute, so much fun he can tell a joke and have you holding your sides, gulping with laughter. He will probably talk about his next big fight, his adventurous business interests, his family trips, his meeting with international “movers and shakers”. Forgive him if he shouts, it is probably because he does not agree with one of your more radical ideas, it is just his personality, a varied mix of aggression, sympathy, humour, and sheer bullheadedness. However what adds to this intriguing picture is his north node in Aries. Boy oh Boy, when this man gets mad, it is better to be a few thousand miles away. An Anger Management Course would not go amiss, but we doubt if Mr. King would pick up that particular tab. Once the storm passes, he is the lovely charming debonair senior we all know and love. But it has to be said; most of his relatives will make sure they have attended a Judo or wrestling course, Joking aside as outrageous as this man he is far from wicked, his actions are sometimes scandalous, frequently excessive but he is a gifted individual who has the capacity to entertain thousands of people with his sparkling showmanship! This guy will be going through a bout of structural change to his mental processes over the next couple of years. He will need to do a few “about turns” that will ensure a change in his way of “doing business”. Of course retirement is out of the question, but travel is on the cards as new opportunities pop up for him. He might buy a couple of philosophy books, try and recuperate some higher thinking. Certainly this outrageous, extreme, sometimes shocking gentleman will continue to entertain us. So click into your seat belts folk! You are in for a fun ride…

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