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David Beckham

Written by Philip Garcia

David Beckham is an earth bound being. Maybe because he is a Taurus. In fact, he is in his element with both feet planted firmly on the football pitch, preferably kicking a ball around. In fact, he wanted to kick a ball around from a very early age. Probably when he first popped into the world at Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone. We are convinced that as a tiny babe he knew he had a singular destiny, and that it had been assigned to him by “the forces that be”. They advised, “David remember to say “I want to be a footballer!” when people ask what you want to do when you grow up!” And he did, to the consternation of his teachers, and childhood buddies. David has the carriage of a man with a mission. Handsome, sincere, straight on, matter of fact, he is totally focused on fulfilling his calling; His background is not as “straight on” as one would believe.

David identifies with his maternal grandmother’s Jewish religion; he is a sincerely spiritual man. In his book “Both Feet on the Ground”, he describes Sundays in church with his family, and yet how his calling was to follow the Jewish religion. His parents were fanatical Manchester United supporters who would frequently travel to Old Trafford with little David in toe. In fact, it seemed as if everything that happened to David would lead him to his ultimate destiny, to become one of the most talented sportsmen in the western world. As a kid he got to go to Bobby Charlton’s football school, a good start for a budding talent. But his launch into the professional stratosphere kicked off when he joined Manchester United. He did not look back from there. Sure he has had ups and downs on the way, but he is a solid, practical man, and always knew how to handle challenges, whether they meant being sent off the field for a foul, having a very public fall out with Sir Alex Ferguson, or suffering severe abuse from British fans.

His moon in Capricorn will always protect him from a hostile world, even though he might seem detached, unassailable, not given to stoking the fires of conflict. His key word is equanimity; he would not like anyone to see how he has been affected by aggressive fans, and unjust criticism. Mr.Mercury in Taurus will keep him focused on the here and now, never wavering, his concentration equally focussed on taking on a free kick or filling in his tax return. He can hone in on anything or anyone utterly. His technique on the field is magic, his flair for the “beautiful game” unique. He is patient he can wait, and this steadfastness is a great advantage, especially since Mercury in Taurus enables him to stand up to controversy, never allowing anyone to rattle his cage, except his beloved Victoria of course. In 1997, he fell for Posh Spice. His Venus in Gemini adored her at first sight, perhaps because she is so stimulating, her mind flits here and there and he never knows what to expect. She makes him laugh, she lightens his load, and since he has no time for emotional drama with that Venus so happily placed in Gemini. David and Victoria got together easily.

We say fate decreed that they rattle our world, their full on mystique mesmerizing, and making them one of the richest and most fascinating show biz couples to parade the red carpet. When David moved to Spain to play for Real Madrid, Victoria looked stunning in long hair, flouncy frocks and hooped earrings, the perfect senorita. When they moved to the US, to play for Los Angeles Galaxy, her fab cool style and natural chutzpah made her a favourite US celebrity; it would be difficult for David to do without her! His Mars in Pisces makes him such a caring, sensitive bloke too. His tendency is to expand in all elements of his life, to grow as a sportsman and personality, not only on the field but as a pin up, David and Victoria have graced the pages of many a fashion magazine participating in countless advertising campaigns. David was also a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, focusing on their sport’s development programme Jupiter in Aries, will always push him on to experiment, experience, and enjoy a repertoire of fascinating off field activities. You see, when “the forces that be” guided David into this world, they made sure his Saturn was in Cancer. That good old becausemic teacher Mr. S therefore gifted David with emotional resilience, self respect, and a breathtaking vision.

These gifts are embedded deeply in his DNA, and are indispensable to his success as an iconic sports hero and family man. With that north node in Sagittarius, he will always be reminded of his mission, which is to never scatter his energies, learn to follow his nose, and insist on believing in himself even if other people judge him harshly. It looks like this year David will branch out in new directions. There are some fortunate projects in the offing, and he will work hard to bring them into being. Looks like he will be travelling the world and reaching out to a new audience, an audience that needs him to inspire their future that needs him to build up their hopes. David, we sense you are about to step into Part II of your mission, the part the forces that be have not told you about yet! In fact, we cannot wait to see the next instalment of the David Beckham Story!


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