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Written by Philip Garcia

chris-moyles“The Story of a Man and his Mouth!” could well describe Chris Moyles, so unsurprisingly that is the title of his book. He always felt at an early age that the “world could be his oyster”, he wanted to expand, and reach many people with his nutty ideas. As controversial as the rather beefy Chris Moyles might seem, his originality cannot be disputed. Would it surprise you to learn that underneath his perceived racism, homophobia, bad language etc, a jolly Jupiter in Aquarius makes sure Chris enjoys pushing his boat out to gain attention? He is not as conservative as his occasional faux pas might lead us to believe. The reason we say this is because Chris is a super sensitive “Piscean” a joker fish, who swims the oceans of life aptly making friends with all the other fish in the deep. Of course he intelligently avoids the sharks and sting rays. In fact some might say he has an “alter persona” dolphin inside of him, a rather watery cosmic thinker, with unique communication skills.
Yet to look at him he could be classified as your “basic bloke” telling risky jokes down the pub. Yet, once you add a Moon in Pisces to the mix, the situation starts seriously swinging; that creative placement helps him understand his audience, you know their penchant for daft exploits such as his Car Park Catchphrase, where two fans blow their horns to pick up on a catchphrase. His choice of material usually hits the funny bone. In fact, we cannot stop giggling at his naughty innuendos, no matter how scandalous cos they are so darned ridiculous. We have to admit it; we dig his unique way of pulling information out of people like Ben Stiller, David Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson, and Kiefer Sutherland with that rather off beat “hail fellow well met” style of his. He has a pretty good team of people to support his show too, folks like Carrie Davis, the “sports princess”, and Keith (aka Cheggers) who participates in the whole thing by sending Chris silly songs, and even had his own spot called ‘Cheggers’ Pop Quiz’ at one stage.
The show starts in the morning from 6.30, ushered in by the “Cheesy Song” usually some Broadway musical number picked for its schmaltzy lyrics The fact is, Chris just cannot avoid having us giggling over our toast and marmalade, he puts us in a good mood, even if it is pouring with rain outside and the Monday morning news says another bank has gone bust!. His honed in capacity to guess what his public needs, demonstrates that his Piscean moon really can translate fantasies into reality. He has a gift for showbiz; he is inventive, creative, and original. This man will stop at nothing to make us chuckle, he uses a baseline, sharp intellect to do it too. Nothing “celebrity chic” about the guy. Mercury in Pisces will endow Chris with an unusual take on humanity. He knows lives are full of challenges, he knows goofball antics help people to get over themselves; his fun vibe elevates his style of presentation.
In 2007 his show was extended till noon one day a week due to an estimated audience of over 1 million, mainly young people who dig his wit! But what drives the man forwards, what makes him unusual and enthralling to his fans? Chris is confident in the idea department for a start, again communicative Mercury in Pisces hits the high note when it comes to originality. Yet, scratch below the surface and discover a withdrawn Venus in Capricorn when it comes romance, he might be inclined to skate the surface unable to express his emotions succinctly. Mars in Taurus will turn up the heat, making him warm and sensual, jealous and possessive, this might cause challenges when it comes to lurve, and he could be liable to split ups and misunderstandings. Yet that same Mars in Taurus gives him the chutzpah to strive for perfection until he “gets it”.
He will work at relationships, just as he works on his show, pushing through boundaries until they all fall down around him. Blame that capacity to take risks on his imaginative Neptune. Neptune will make him aware of the mysteries of life, and he would not be one to avoid looking at the metaphysical, he is curious about virtually everything. He is usually happy to endorse what he believes in too, even though what he believes in might not appeal to everyone, or could cause some furor.
This year Pluto could push him to readdress his values, at least make changes to some aspects of his life that are not working. Pluto usually forces us all to go deeper within, so there could be some diversification to his usual patterns of entertaining, due to Pluto’s need to transform. He will take his usual approach to challenges, get a grip on the big picture, and find which road is best travelled. He is not afraid of changing, not really; this chap knows how to deal with his insecurities, his “wild and free” Sagittarius stimulating him to fiery and freedom loving takes on his destiny. He is our favorite Maverick ready to ride off into new and unknown territories of presentation consistently. This is a man with a gift, the gift of The Joker, as we said, a humane gift, one that helps us all to start off our day with a grin on our mugs. Good on ya mate!

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