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Billy Connelly

Written by Philip Garcia

Billy Connelly, you mean that messy Sagittarian guy with the long beard? The kind of dude you might meet on a hiking trip up the Himalayas or in a backstreet pub, swigging down the local brew with the rest of the swells?

Billy Connolly, you mean that messy Sagittarian guy with the long beard? The kind of dude you might meet on a hiking trip up the Himalayas or in a backstreet pub, swigging down the local brew with the rest of the swells? Billy looks like a Sagittarius, you know, that wild man persona, half human half horse, riding across the highlands creating havoc. Born on 24 November in Glasgow, a self confessed happy man, with a gorgeous wife called Pamela Stephenson, five nominations for a Bafta award, and numerous offspring, Billy Connolly keeps us laughing. He has a comic dexterity about him, an ingenuity at delivering punch lines that has us falling off our seats in hysterical guffawing. He is unique. That is for certain. Raised in Glasgow, he worked in the shipyards as a welder, developed an interest in folk music, and then joined a band playing a banjo. His capacity to improvise is obviously his greatest gift. However, his “fast forward” move through life’s challenges to achieve long lasting success as one of the most prolific comics of our time makes sure we never really know what Mr. Connolly will say next. His Mercury in Scorpio will make his comedic skills “spot on”, but he could put people’s noses out of joint, his cracks can be heavy handed, and people have been known to get up and leave midway through one of his performances. He puts his finger on the proverbial pulse whatever way you wish to look at it, the Scorpio effect pushing him to take off the pompous, even desecrate them. Not everyone likes his brand of humour; those who do are his devoted fans. They love his take on life, even though it might seem black, other times hectic, basic; most times his use of OTT superlatives touching the high notes. He takes on the absurdities as they come, and intensely, certainly not into angst or soul searching, waste of time in his book. He lives in the moment, and expects those around him not to nag, or try and change him. He is a highly intelligent man; this gives him an astute observation gift. He is adept at taking the comedy out of life, and throwing it on to his stage, a copy cat, aping the mannerisms of those around him. Of course with the Gemini leanings in his chart, he has many sides to his personality and one of them is to fill in that great void he feels pulsating in his heart. He has to travel, has to experience panoramic vistas and larger than life individuals, the only types he gets on with, to hang out and de-stress. He has written a couple of travel books, and they are a fun read. The fact is Billy Connelly is no diplomat; he will not change his particular cards on the table to please anyone. Billy will be a warm and loving husband to his Pamela, mainly because she is the sort of chick who lets him run on a loose rein. She is quite happy if he goes off on one of his trips for months, as she has her own thing going on, and is certainly not a dependent type. Billy needs space for his emotional life to work, and if he gets it he will bend over backwards to give, give and give some more. His wife has to be his mate, more than anything else in the final analysis. Mars in Scorpio, now that is a good one! This sums our Billy up. He is a strong dude, capable of burning the midnight oil, and then getting up at dawn to do a shoot, rehearse his lines, play the banjo, or chip away at some Greek style sculpture he is creating in the back garden. He will be “highly strung nervous”, and can start to screech if not left to his own creative devices. He has huge inner batteries that keep him going like an Olympic runner. Put him anywhere, whether on the top of a mountain, in the middle of the jungle, or in a crocodile infested swamp, where he will probably end up making alligator hand bags, Billy will survive, and survive better than you or me. Once he gets something into his head, it will not budge from his frontal lobes until he has manifested it on this earth. He is not afraid to work hard, to give his all, and he is a brave critter, willing to put himself, his life, and his very essence on the line to make others laugh. He is not for the faint hearted, clearly. Surprise, surprise, this year Billy will want to cool down a bit. Settle down in his hammock and read, hang out with his adored Pamela, and muck around with his kids. Sentiment and love will play a very important role for him at this stage of his life. He wants to go deeper into his friendships, hang out with a different type to his younger years, more laid back, less larger than life perhaps. His new attitude might be due to the dawning of an acquired wisdom that comes with maturity, our Billy is a little “long in the tooth” you know. An understanding that the greatest depths, breadths and heights reside in the human heart. He will receive all the love he richly deserves, after all he has made us laugh for years, and deserves the warmth of his family, and his private circle, a few moments just being nobody else but that Glasgow kid, a kid with a big vision! Hip hip hooray Billy, we hope you have a great time, yet we cannot wait to read your next travel book!

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