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Lisa Riley

Written by Philip Garcia

Some say if there were no Lisa Riley, one would have to invent her. Certainly if you ever met Lisa down Sainsbury’s, you would know she is celebrity material: it’s that big sparkly smile, the kind of smile that believes there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of every rainbow, the kind of grin that would love everybody to hold hands and sing “All we are saying is Give Peace a Chance”

Lisa is pure ”lovey” material, an actress famous for Emmerdale, and her appearances on “You’ve Been Framed”. She trained for the stage from the age nine, and her first appearance on the box included Coronation Street. This lady emanates warmth from each and every cell in her body, it appears her lights were switched on long before birth; she is simply a “smile through the rain” type of girl, however her “Strictly Come Dancing” celebrity hood saving her from a bad case of the blues after various personal vicissitudes.

Her life story reads like the soap she starred in. There was the love of her life who was jailed for conning the elderly, and then a married man who returned to his wife But does she collapse in a heap on the floor? No Lisa soldiers on, because she was born on 13 July 1976 with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Aquarius. Being essentially “crabby” she might believe digging a hole in the sand is the best solution when life hurts, but because that Aquarius Moon instinct goes for “alternatives”, in the end she prefers a laugh a minute solution to sheer misery. So rather than staring at her tea leaves and wondering where it all went wrong she will get you giggling the moment you meet her, you can sense she is not judging you, she is getting to know you.

“There is naught as strange as folks!” she might say and mean it, as she tips half a pound of honey into her tea. Don’t nag her about it. because with that Aquarian moon, she doesn’t do authority figures nor does she do conservative; she does intuitive, sensitive and imaginative, in fact her gift is perception and it makes her a successful show biz communicator.

But there is another side to this lovely lady, a side that vibes to Mercury in Cancer. Although Mercury ensures she is a gifted communicator, he might submerge her in doubts and fears now and then. She then gets all emotional, and super subjective. In short she takes things to heart and if people insist on a challenging stance, or attempt to put her on the spot, she might tell them to take “a long walk off a short pier” if pushed. That Cancer element is outraged by life’s cynics, life’s bigots, and life’s snobs, her extreme sensitivity will make her side with the vulnerable and downtrodden, she feels for them, in fact she is so empathetic she can sense when a friend is in trouble and reach out to help them before they ask.


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The good news is that Lisa regularly morphs into stardust with Jupiter in Taurus. The down side is that Taurus goes all “emotional plodder” on her when she is all dolled up for an audition. It will take time for her to “get” her karmic lessons, but once she does, she will be the next best thing to a laughing Buddha.

Okay, food loving, fun loving Taurus encourages Lisa’s big appetite and bouts of retail therapy, but when she is centered she is a true inspiration, emanating joy and beauty in lorry loads. Her lesson is about being at peace with herself and waiting for the results instead of expecting them before now.

Her Saturn in Leo is Big-Time, now we are not saying Lisa is a lookalike for the Empire State Building but she sure shines her torch on Liberty, in other words she stands out especially when swathed in a Grecian gown in true Diva style. There she is standing on the edge of the stage, waiting for the spotlight to turn on her monologue! Her humanity, her passion makes her larger than life and super charismatic, it ensures she will be impressive, because she knows what matters in life.

More good news is we can see a great love affair for this wonderful star, but not yet, when she sees that first grey hair and is looking through her album and reminiscing Yes, if Lisa did not exist we would invent her, in fact life would be totally dull without her!

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