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Written by Philip Garcia

Okay, folks lock up over sensitive daughters, or at least stop them from participating in any talent shows when Mr. Simon Cowell is in town. This is a guy known for his drastic feedback, the kind that has contestants squirming.

Okay, folks lock up over sensitive daughters, or at least stop them from participating in any talent shows when Mr. Simon Cowell is in town. This is a guy known for his drastic feedback, the kind that has contestants squirming. He was born on the 7 October 1959, the number seven making him an old soul, a wise kind of guy who is unafraid to say his piece. His origins were not that unusual, other than the fact his mother was a ballet dancer, which could have added an interesting show biz gene to his persona. He did not particularly excel at school, and it was his father who got him a job in the mailroom of EMI. Simon worked his way up through the ranks, his comments rattling cages even then! He did well in music publishing and the recording industry slowly making his mark. But as we know, he really hit the big time as a judge on Pop Idol in the UK, and American Idol in the USA. Few escaped those scathing wise cracks. Yet the strange fact is that this man still shines. Moon in Saggy is responsible for all that polish, even though he is certainly not “movie star” handsome. Nonetheless, there is something mysteriously charismatic about the fellow. No matter our protestations, we like to watch Mr. Cowell being ruthlessly honest, his Libran scales tipping scarily as he tells it “how it is”. Yet would it surprise you to learn that this man is Mr. Sensitive behind the scenes? ”Nah” we hear you cry, “that guy sensitive, pull the other one!” He seems so hard hearted, but be aware his concern for the young is sincere. He is involved in children’s hospices and visits sick children whenever he has time. There is a humane bloke hiding behind the “ogre” mask, the kind whose life is centered on friends and family whom he prefers perfectly attired without a hair out of place. Who cares if his American audience boos him before he even opens his mouth! Who cares if he sends us into paroxysm of irritation? No matter how mean he appears, in his book it is for one reason only, he dislikes a bad performance. He just cannot do “noisy” or “jangling” it has him longing for a spa holiday! A lousy act goes against his Libran addiction to harmony and well turned out folks. Dreadlocks, tattoos, or an appalling sense of style are not for him. Be aware, Simon is willing to give his all yet when things get super stressed, he will speed off to some isolated beach, and scowl at anyone asking him for an autograph. He loves to travel his Jupiter in Sagittarius appreciates the exotic, the larger than life. But it is his north node in Libra that makes things somewhat difficult. He needs to learn to pace his competitive nature, to step back from a pushy approach. As kind hearted as he is his mind set can be a challenge. He does hurt feelings, because he has a hard time identifying with his own. Sometimes he lets a seemingly hard-bitten standpoint eclipse more loving ways, and this makes him appear hostile and unkind. His break up with his long-term girlfriend Terri Seymour could have been caused by his incapacity to identify with her distress at his perceived betrayal, he just could not see her point of view. He is inclined to turn in on himself in moments of emotional crisis, wanting to spend time alone. In fact as he judges others, he is prone to judge himself. His life lesson is to reach out, and build bridges. Deep down, he is a sensitive guy, not that hard-bitten critic we all know and love. Yet his positively placed sun sign will always come to his rescue, and give him a nose for a great new business deal, a capacity to suss out any situation and make it work for him. He has a highly developed mind, and uses logic to his advantage. As long as he cottons on that it is best not to get stuck into hardhearted obstinacy when it comes to “lurve”, keeping his soul free of resentment, he will do better emotionally. His relationship with Lauren Silverman, the mother of his first born son, is very important to him. He might want to go deeper, commit totally. Simon Cowell is maturing perhaps remembering he is indeed a very old soul, a soul that has incarnated on planet earth so many times it is not that difficult to “cut to the chase!” and life his life up to a new and even more inspiring level. Good luck Simon, you are earmarked to grow in stature, whether you like it or not!

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