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Roman Abramovich

Written by Philip Garcia

Well, Libran Roman Abramovich looks like your average bloke sipping his beer down at the local, except for the fact he is a Russian multi millionaire, and is considered by many to be the 15th richest man in the world! Blame it on his Saturn in Pisces, good old Mr. Saturn, would have made sure our hero wised up at an early age and realise that life can be suffering and that to rise above poverty and financial insecurity one would have cling to some faith, or stand tall financially. The phrase “self made man” would be an understatement as far as he is concerned. Roman, of Jewish origin, is known to contribute much of his money to Israel, and Jewish communities around the world. His achievements are all the more noteworthy because his beginnings were challenging. He lost his mother at 18 months, and when he was four his father was killed in work fatality. He was brought up by his uncle and a doting granny. As a young man, he enrolled in the Russian army and moved on and up to take advantage of Gorbachov’s reforms in the eighties. The result? Our friend was soon walking an entrepreneurial path to success with an extraordinary “Midas Touch”. He is now a billionaire at only forty two years old. Venus in Libra would have helped push him up to the top of the proverbial mountain, making sure he was the kind of guy who could charm the birds off the trees, an asset in a hard, cold business world. But to understand the significance of what Roman has achieved, let us list a few of his successes. He is the manager of Chelsea. Football Club, owner of “Pelorus” one of the most beautiful yachts in the world. He has invested in the Russian football team with his own personal funding. He has spent 310 million euro’s to buy the most expensive villa on this planet, Villa Leopola, once owned by the Fiat Super Star Gianni Agnelli. Where does he get the energy? Well, Mars in Virgo would insist he is a high energy type of dude, his eye always on the next deal, his energy literally bursting out of every pore. He expects the best from himself and others to an almost excessive degree. He probably picks up languages and accents pretty quick, and can mirror those he is connecting to so rapidly if you do business with him, you might think you have just met a long lost friend! He started out with a 2,000-ruble wedding present from his in-laws when he married his first wife Olga; he then invested in a multitude of black market goods including toothpaste. “I think he enjoyed the thrill of it all,” Olga once declared “When he returned from trips selling the goods, he was flushed with joy.” As Perestroika cleared the way for more of those new opportunities Roman and Olga created a doll making company, which proved to be a big hit. Roman continued to burn his awesome business trail across the firmaments, creating one company after another, and specialising in import export, yet his interests were drawn to the giant Russian petroleum company Sibneft. He bought some actions in it, got involved in varied wheeling’s and dealings, and soon he was on the road to millionaire-hood. He has five children and in 2007 divorced Olga, negotiating with her so he did not have to let go of half of his fortune; he managed to pay her off with 300 million dollars. Roman is the governor of Chukotka, in Russia. He has spent his own money on the area, some say in the region of $1.3 billion; as a result living standards have shot up with decent roads, schools, and hospitals. Roman was awarded the Order of Honor for “his huge contribution to the economic development of the autonomous district” with a decree signed by the President of Russia. Before the credit crunch he was considered the second richest individual in the United Kingdom, but it is estimated be has lost 3 billion as a result of the crisis! A drop in his ocean of wealth no doubt! So, what makes this man tick we hear you cry? Well you might be surprised to learn that his basic nature is pretty harmonious with a balanced Libra making sure he does not overload his scales. His odd brush with illegalities was swept under the carpet as a result of that benign Libran balancing act, making it easier to resolve accusations of bribery. Mercury in Scorpio would have walked arm in arm with that ever-so-kind Venus, helping him overcome most of life’s obstacles. He can tell a good joke, which is a unique gift to have under your belt with millions of euro’s lying on the table. He fascinates most he comes into contact with in any event, because with the aforementioned astro combinations, his charisma is magic. But one of the underlying themes of this man’s life is his Pluto in Virgo. Virgo would make sure that he is following a kind of calling, as per his dedication to the region of Chukotka, his generous contribution to Russian football, and his aid to Israel and Jewish communities. He knows he has something more to do than make money. Not only astute this man is kind hearted, he knew what suffering was as a child. Emotional losses have marked him, pushed him to seek a far more spiritual perception of life than one would expect from someone so materialistically orientated. His belief in his Jewish faith and a certainty that someone “upstairs” is guiding and protecting him has helped him strive on. Over the next years, many new doors will open up for Roman, and they will be something to do with helping young entrepreneurs to set up businesses in Israel and Russia. In fact over the next years this man will be contributing much to the world. But also, he will be letting go of that past, a past that helped him touch the stars, yet also created so much suffering within his heart and soul. He will be planning a new family, a new way that will thrill and stimulate him. Of course we can only watch enthralled, as our hero marches on, building, creating, inventing, for this man is a very unusual billionaire, in fact the kind one would meet sipping beer down at the local! Good luck Roman!

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