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John Caudwell

Written by Philip Garcia

“Business gives you a massive high. Doing a great deal, coming up with an inspirational solution… It’s very addictive. But it doesn’t last long. In isolation, it’s a bit sterile. It doesn’t reward the soul.“ John Caudwell

A Very Special Man
No two ways about it, billionaire John Caudwell is special in so many ways and not only because he is looking for his soul. He knows hows to balance his Libran scales for starters. Take his communicative personality! With sun in Libra and moon in Gemini he can talk the hind legs off a donkey grabbing innovative opportunities at every available opportunity, enhancing his ever expanding billions easy peasy. This moon/sun style business aplomb includes awesome consistency, and a capacity to grasp the best ideas and make them work. He excels in focusing, and honing in the big bucks with his karmic “Midas Touch!” He does not like to be double crossed, however, and if he is, well expect the worst rather than the best. He cannot be doing with cheats, perhaps because he sees his own “dark side” reflected in their eyes.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness
Seriously, John “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” Caudwell has had his fair share of challenge over the years, the kind a fleet of yachts, super town and country mansions and even his “Mobile Phone King” status, cannot eradicate. Caudwell’s son Rufus suffers from a serious form of agoraphobia, and spends most of life shut up in his bedroom, this causes great concern to his mother, John’s ex-partner and the man himself! Recently, even more trouble struck when eleven members of his family came down with Lyme disease. He told the Mail. —– “money doesn’t come into it. It can give you access to different people and help, but it doesn’t change the helplessness you feel when you see your own flesh and blood struggling!”
He Expects Justice
With Mercury, Saturn and Neptune ALL in Libra, Caudwell expects life to deliver justice, balance and harmony. Whether he gets it is another matter! For sure, Mercury in Libra guarantees both the hoi poll-oi and the upper echelons dig his“bon ami” attitude and the way he says just the right thing, at just the right time. The result? He gets the contract, the backing the breakthrough. He is the guy you gravitate to; after all he looks so available, happy to chat, curious and charming. In fact he ensures those he bumps into in the board room and around the buffet table know he likes them! He not only charms, he networks, you see, he has so many connections he needs a team of highly trained secretaries to keep tabs on them.
A Caring Aura.
Saturn in Libra gifts him with a caring aura even if he is emotionally complicated. His relationships need hard work, a recent break up had something to do with that “hiding away in his cave” thing he gets into. He also gets into emotional ruts, and does not express his feelings. He is from Mars, as far as his lovers are concerned, in fact the guy they thought they knew morphs into Davie Bowie as the “Man Who Fell To Earth” and they suddenly realise he was an ET all along!
Mr Intuitive
When it comes to business Libra in Neptune makes him Mr Inuitive, the ultimate wheeler and dealer with a super sonic mission to accomplish on this earth. Interestingly, he talks about Soul, because he “senses” its truths lie within, and yet his breakthroughs, his deals, his super “finger on the button” attitude depends on anything but! It depends on basic gut feelings. This is guy who knows how to make hardnosed distinctions and evaluations fast. The guy who spots a loser at fifty paces. The guy who does not have time to waste!
Emotional Complexity
Okay, some days he might admit to his emotional complexity. But he would never confess his addiction to winning could be the cause of dark loneliness. Venus in Scorpio tells him he can feel emotionally bereft. That particular planetary placement is about extremes. Venus in Mr S starts at a low burn, whether related to a business deal or a love affair. Once it hypes up, super control is the name of the game, which means successful ahd hardnosed wheeling and dealing, in love it means intense jealousy and possessiveness. Yet when Mr Intuitive, Mr Libra and Mr Caudwell all walk into a room the atmosphere is charged around a “split in three” gentleman, who does not have to say one single word to draw attention to himself. He emanates an almost animalistic vibe coupled with pure potential, humanistic know how and business brilliance. Amazing when it comes to wordly, success a little more challenging in the emotional/spiritual spheres.
In truth Mr Caudwell is defying the world, and his billions ensure he has his finger on the pulse no matter how personal karma might rattle his soul! A soul that yearns for freedom, A soul that incarnated as charmer, an extraordainary one off, a ruthless gentleman a guy who knows that a, money does not grow on trees, b. true love is hard to find and c. an extraordinary mystery vibrates within, a mystery he would love to define yet somehow….cannot!

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