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Written by Philip Garcia

Well, Mr. Robert De Niro, we raise our glasses to your spectacular “to the bone” performances. Yes, you are an Italo-American Par Excellence, at the peak of your profession and life.

Well, Mr. Robert De Niro, we raise our glasses to your spectacular “to the bone” performances. Yes, you are an Italo-American Par Excellence, at the peak of your profession and life. Your screen roles are mythical, shall we list them? The boxing legend on the make in Raging Bull, the Mafioso on the kill in The Godfather II. The true villain; nobody wants to meet on a dark night in Cape Fear. The tragic hero every woman wants to make her beau, in the Deer Hunter. All this interpretative mastership makes us shiver to our toes, with your Mars in Taurus such roles vibrate within our psyches forever. Your craft is full of deep sensuality and slow determination but that is part of your fascination. One would think you would remain devastated by the experience of such intense characterisations. Yet De Niro, you are a true actor, when you go home you hang up your hat and have a bubble bath. No, you are not “ever” who you seem on screen, even though your presence sets a film alight and leaves us all agog. Enough hero worship, we need to see what makes Mr. De Niro tick, Mr. De Niro was born on the 17 August 1943; nothing less than a baby boomer, growing into a cute young dude all the girls wanted to date. Perhaps he was insecure, as most young Leos are, that subtle sex appeal, that “Leo the Lion” sunny smile was a mask. He was scared of the immensity of existence especially with Pluto in Leo. But by acting someone he actually was not, he felt freed up from life’s challenges. He could disassociate from his primal fears. Saturn in Gemini shows that Mr. De Niro’s craft is not as spontaneously “fire sign” as we would like to think. It demanded exacting training as an actor, basic sweat and tears to muster knowledge of a character’s temperament and disposition, to understand that a technique must not seem like what it is – a technique. De Niro detaches from his roles, lets exquisite skills interpret free flow and with dexterity. He will keep at it, he will rehearse until he drops, he is stubborn, someone who stays the course till the bitter end, until he makes word perfect, clear in definition, and utterly compelling any role. His technique touches sublime characterisation. Like the conductor of his own orchestra, he is in control, always in synchrony, he becomes harmonic. He does not identify with his craft, he IS his craft. Again Pluto in Leo makes him reach all races, all nations and all cultures with his brilliant communication skills. Mr. De Nero was a sixties child, Neptune in Libra made him so and life was not just borderline revolutionary then, people actually thought they could change the world. De Niro wanted to change perceptions with his acting, with his portrayals of humanity’s crises and challenges. His vision was high, his intent pure. Venus in Virgo makes him supportive yet hyper critical of most people now though, especially his love partners. He would notice a lipstick smear on a chin or a hair on a collar at 30 paces. Mercury in Virgo makes De Niro an intellectual who can burn the midnight oil when making conversation, who can analyse a situation, point by point, circumstance by circumstance. His rather dark horse qualities make him a enigma, even to his closest friends, Piscean moon probably. Yet his capacity to flow with self parody and not let his ego rule his life is commendable. Over this and next year, Mr. De Niro will have to take care of his eating, his exercise and his health habits. He needs to detox, relax, let go, take a break and not work so intensely. He might let his spiritual faith emerge, in unusual ways. He will sense pure psychic energy has been his ally all along anyway and it could become sacred to him. His whole life will turn round in two years. He will make some radical new choices regarding career and could even take a step back from the silver screen to pay attention to new projects, and family concerns. Whatever he does, Mr. De Niro will always remain in our hearts as that stunning war hero in the Deer hunter, the guy who played with death to save his friend’s life. An interpretation so majestic that few of those who saw it will ever forget it! Get it out on video if you have not seen it. Gruelling, challenging, demanding, tough, solid, inventive, this man is a genius, De Niro is a legend of his own time! It’s easy! Try it!

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