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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Written by Philip Garcia

Arnold “I’ll be back” Schwarzenegger, is not only the greatest body builder of all time, a film star, governor of California, but an illustrious US immigrant and modern day myth. Arnold Schwarzenegger could have only have been born in the sign of Leo, with all that fiery ambition, all that yearning to hit the big time! He was brought up in the hinterlands of Austria, not the best place for a young Lion, by disciplinarian parents. His childhood heroes were cinematic, going to the movies was an escape from the pain of childhood. Pure Hollywood my stars like John Wayne, Steve Reeves and Johnny Weissmuller, “inspired” Arnie, made him realise “what was possible!” An original Mercury in Cancer helped Arnold Schwarzenegger connect to the heroes lurking in his own unconscious. His rich imagination, plus a capacity to vision dreams as if they were happening helped him forge ahead. He still is known to be a goal setter, writing down what he wants on cards that he reads each day. But back then, he would have kept his aspirations hidden from view, taking a detached and scathing look at his home life, realising he would have to move on from it if he wanted something better. With that hard working moon in Capricorn, Arnold Schwarzenegger not only dreamt of success, he pushed to make it happen. He had grown up a tough young man, well built, tall 6ft 2”, with a charismatic presence. Dedicated body building would become his raison d’être and when he won the Junior Mr. Europe title in 1965 he knew he was on the right track. But he was still dreaming “USA”, determined to win Mr. Universe, which he saw as a ticket to America. His lucky break was a meeting with the Londoner Charles Bennett, a competition judge impressed with Arnie during a British body building competition. Bennett began to train our hero, helping him increase his “muscle definition”. The training paid off; in 1967 Arnold Schwarzenegger became the youngest Mr. Universe ever, at only 20 year’s old, going on to win the competition seven times! It has to be said Mr. Mars in Gemini would have helped Arnie push himself on so determinedly, and strive to fulfil the American dream, making his mind quick, his energy high. With his Mr. Universe successes well under his belt, Arnie confidently moved to the USA winning the Mr. Olympia title in New York City. Part of his dream had already come true! The best was to come! Arnold Schwarzenegger had a couple of romantic liaisons in the US initially, but his magical meeting with Maria Shriver, his future wife, and niece of John Kennedy, sealed his fate. Maria must have been taken aback when she heard about his love child to housekeeper Patty Baena, albeit, he has a reputation of being a ladies man! They are still currently seperated. Nobody can deny Arnold Schwarzenegger has huge talent, he literally overflows with it. Something about his funny Austrian accent, his cave man looks have attracted audiences from all over the world; however his first forays into screen acting were pretty disastrous. He was told he was not up to scratch that his name was all wrong. Nonetheless he had his breakthrough with Conan the Barbarian in 1982, which was a huge box office hit. He eventually made the big time with his role in The Terminator and now has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One can truly say Arnold Schwarzenegger has come a long way from that little Austrian village! In fact honors have literally rained down upon our hero and Arnie knows how to make good use of them. His Jupiter in Scorpio will have turned his gifts into money, a lot of money. A business sense a nose for a deal, a capacity to transform lead to gold all form part of Arnie’s character. His capacity for hard work is supersonic, but his Saturn in Leo would give him the ability to affect his environment with inbuilt foresight, and that stubborn belief that dreams can come true. His north node in Gemini has been a challenge. Arnold Schwarzenegger has had to learn to communicate clearly, to express his dreams succinctly. But somehow, it is his awesome presence rather than his words that have hit the bull’s eye. Not to say that he has never made mistakes, he was accused of sexual misconduct when he became the Governor of California. But still, there is something about the man that convinces, that makes us feel he is a good chap, a fighter who will prove that anyone, from anywhere can create miracles, if they have enough grit and determination. This year, Arnold Schwarzenegger will look on his life with great satisfaction. He will make tweaks here and there, as his prerogative will be peace of mind. In fact, he will use his awesome determination to build inner equanimity. Soon he will be sixty two, he deserves it; he is after all, somewhat of a modern day hero. God bless you Arnie!

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