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Katie Hopkins

Written by Philip Garcia

Some might see Aquarian Katie Hopkins as a finger pointing, Queen of Controversy; the kind of woman that gets the hackles up. “How could she have said that?” furious folks cry out, as others nod with “She hit the nail on the head!” approval.

Rather than nominating her “Super Bitch!” because of her snobbish quips about children called Tracy, Tyler or Chardonnay on the “Good Morning” show, “British Media Nightmare” might be more polite. But the question is was Katie Hopkins born a rabble rouser, or do the astro have something to do with her outrageous take on life?

Beyond “the harass”, “the hassle”, “the pester” and “the badger” Katie Hopkins is a bit of a class act, born an Aquarius with a moon in Pisces. In other words, underneath that “Go Out and Get ‘Em” exterior the moon tells us she is a sentimental lass and not at all pushy, in fact she is very kind to family, friends and children, and the last thing she wants to do is hurt people’s feelings. So what has made her stomp all over that particular planetary placement?

Before we go for the zodiac jugular, one has to admit this is a gal who has more than moved on from Sandhurst and the Met Office. She was a contestant on the reality TV show “The Apprentice”, she showed up in “I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here” as well as “Celebrity Big Brother” on Channel 5. To boot she is a Sun columnist and stood for the European Parliament in 2009- She has even popped up on “British Question Time” twice! Obviously someone takes her opinions seriously; but it ain’t that Moon in Pisces. Mars in Capricorn is not responsible for her contentious excesses either, that planetary combo will make her materialistic and workaholic. It will ensure she is ambitious, extremely conservative but certainly not notorious.

Okay, so is Mercury in Aquarius making her so adept at picking up on the public’s need to project frustrations and irritations on to someone, and “Who could be better than Katie?” Is Mr. Merc cheering on her tactlessness, the irritating come backs that have turned her into the aforementioned “Media Nightmare?” Get this, even if she leaves a host of spluttering VIP’s in her wake, Mr. Mercury will ensure Katy continues to surprise and shock. However, we will let you into a little secret; he also ensures she plays Devil’s Advocate just for the sake of it.


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A little bird tells us Katy’s Uranus in Scorpio could be the prime mischief maker here. This planetary placement pushes Katy to the dark side, making her incapable of empathy, even edging her into the realms of bad behaviour, the result? A tricky, litigious human being. To boot Saturn in Cancer ensures she puts on that tough outer shell because appearing “mean” and “gritty” will hide the fact she feels so vulnerable.

If truth be known the infamous Katie is afraid of being overwhelmed by Piscean moon sweetness. She wants to be in control of emotions, hiding empathy even from herself. The result is she can call Palestinians “filthy rodents” without cottoning on to the bigotry of such a remark!

So is Katie really so scandalous, really so disgraceful or is she just one big act? Jupiter in Pisces tells us that this lady might be a sham. When Jupiter is in Pisces thinking outside the box is the issue, and Katie is certainly encouraging us to do that. Or perhaps the truth is she is really flaunting the dark side of Aquarius, and is caught up in arrogance and ego? After all Katie has not just started annoying people, she has left a trail of “fist shaking” folk in her wake! In other words she has not quite understood that other people have feelings too, and being too blunt, can be unkind. We can only hope that Moon in Pisces will win through in the end!

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