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Kara Tointon

Written by Philip Garcia

Okay, we do not want to influence your take on this gorgeous young lady, the girl once voted the sexiest woman alive, but she is a Leo. You might answer “Well that is no surprise, after all Kara Tointon was born in Basildon!”

That said. What gives with Kara? Well she starred in “Eastenders”, did a stint in the “Sound of Music” and nearly became a child star. She played a student in “Teachers”, on Channel 4 an interesting role, since Kara was “diagnosed” dyslexic at the age of seven. She tackled the “Big D” in a documentary for BBC Three called Kara Tointon: Don’t Call Me Stupid and then went on to “do her bit” as the very “un-stupid” Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion at the Garrick Theatre. Co stars Rupert Everett and Dame Diana Rigg did nothing other than appreciate her “luminous and refreshing” performance, along with the critics and a doting audience.

So at this point you might ask was her speedy success something to do with lucky stars? After all she has come a long way from her role as flirty Dawn Swann in “Eastenders”, and her stint on “Strictly come Dancing”. Perhaps Leo charisma really does have something to with an astonishing success for one so young, including a starring role in the West End Play “Relatively Speaking.” Written by the legendary Alan Ackroyd

‘My family laugh at me because somehow I’ve got away with it! I got an agent when I was 11 and they’d always send me to audition for television adverts and things like that. I wound up in this niche where theatre passed me by, but it was the original reason I became an actress. It’s been great to go back”.

Hands on, charismatic, larger than life, there is nothing vague about this thespian. She is the kind of gal older folks appreciate. She looks like someone you can trust, someone who could house sit your cat. With that Gemini moon organizing a “silver spoon in mouth” lifestyle. she is not afraid to stick her neck out; who would be with that Leo sun, Gemini Moon combo under their belt? This girl is quick silver bright, one of those folks that “great book in the sky” marked for fame.


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In short, she has a dearth of positive astro players on her side. Mercury in Virgo will help the lovely Kara come to terms with dyslexia and learn it will never hold her back. Her attention to detail, her capacity to work hard, her curiosity and willingness were Virgo’s gift to her at birth. Mr. Mercury helps her deal with the nitty gritties of career and every day responsibilities. His intense rays also mean she can get whiny, she can get gossipy, but hey, nobody’s perfect. With Venus also in Virgo, do not tell this girl one thing for another when it comes to romance. She does logical, dependable Mr Really Right in other words, which might make one wonder if she is no longer in a relationship with Artem Chigvintsev, her Come Dancing Partner, because he squeezed his toothpaste from the middle of the tube? In any event, her home will be a place where Miss Perfect Puss can sharpen her claws and enjoy orderly, some days, creature comforts.

Add Jupiter in Sagittarius and this girl will not only see her dreams come true now, but in the distant future, in fact she will leap on to even more fame and fortune, you can be sure that good-looking Mr. Jup will always keep her happily on her toes, purring and preening like any decent Leo girl would-

But there is a surprise to the Kara story, the young lady is an old soul; Uranus in Saggy tells us so! As realistic and on the pulse as she is, she is also a visionary. She can tell something is going to happen six months before it does, she might even be drawn to spiritual healing, and creative visualization techniques. She could read the odd esoteric treatise now and then too. Uranus ensures she is also fascinated by all the latest news, the latest inventions, but that planetary also tells us she does not just hold a cheese stick graciously, she holds interesting conversation! In short, Kara is three Big K’s, “Karismatic”, “Karmically favoured”, and a Kind Hearted. What more could a girl want?

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