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Joan Collins

Written by Philip Garcia

”I refuse to be defined by my age. In 1913, 40 was old and most people were dead at 60. In 100 years’ time, centenarians will be a dime a dozen’ this Grand Old Movie Star told the Telegraph.

So can Joan Collins really be eighty one years old, “Oooh,” “Ahhh “ “Naaa” and other such expletives are regularly uttered by the astounded. As we watch Dame Joan Collins DBE move gracefully down the red carpet as if she were a young filly, the oft said words a “Miracle of Preservation”, come to mind. Really how does she do it? How can someone born on the 23 May 1933 in Paddington, London be more beautiful at 80 than she was at 30?

“It’s all in the mind!” Joan would joke, her Gemini sense of humour standing her in good stead even when she had that awful“schoolgirl crush” on Marlon Brando. Her fun attitude to life could have something to do with her Moon in Taurus, in other words a solid “Devil May Care” individuality, a determination to enjoy life to the full, and that includes present delights with a much younger husband.

During her Telegraph interview she spoke about her relationship with a man thirty two years her junior, show biz big Impresario Percy Gibson. ‘We love being with each other all the time, we’re completely compatible and we’re each other’s “accomplices” in life.’

Joan who grew up during the war and was evacuated countless times was never much of a dreamer; she sought “real”, in other words a solid career in show business. This would have been an impossible dream for even the prettiest fifties starlets, but her determination to bank on her looks and reach the top of the ladder ensured she can now stand on her very own mountain and look down on a lucky life.


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She told the Telegraph ‘I’m not one of those people who analyzes everything, not at all,’ she says. ‘I don’t think where I’m going to be in five years, I think where I’m going to be in two weeks, because I’m going to be in New York. And I try to make each day like a mini-lifetime – to achieve something and to enjoy something. I live in the present totally – and the future: who knows what the future is? “ One could almost classify such perceptions as those of an enlightened Buddhist monk!

The secret to Joan’s success is simple; call it Confidence with a capital C. She was always been beautiful enough, she never wasted time on comparisons, or nurtured unnecessary inferiority complexes, from the word go she reached for the best cookie on the plate, and through “thick and thin”, eventually got it! She did not have to yell too loud either, she was always devastatingly cute, who could resist her demands? Well Hollywood might have, just for a while, but not world wide fame!

When she failed to make movie super stardom she did not suffer like the more sensitive, ageing gal actresses, she just got herself a “big hair”, mega bitch role in Dynasty instead. She was in short the archetypal “Vamp Camp, Big Bitch Alexis” in person. Yet again, she had picked herself up, brushed herself down gotten on with it and won through big time. Continually reinventing herself with the help of her fun Gemini persona, coupled with her go getting Aries ascendant, she shone even in the dark. Her quicksilver mercurial mind understood life’s complexities but refusing to be crushed by them she soldiered on. Even though her marriage to Anthony Newly was a disaster, in public she presented a winning image. Perfectly made up, hair never out of place Joans smiled, her face luminous with hope, heart throbbing with a youthful love of life, a love that she has never given up on! She continues to attract men lie bees to honey! She is in short glamour incarnate.

When she won a Golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama, she finally realized she was one of the most famous women on planet earth and yet deep down she expected it! So open minded and easy going with her Sun and Venus both in Gemini, the mean spirited might call her airy views “superficial” but Joan is anything but, she just does not expose deep beliefs; she is determined not to get bogged down with unnecessary critique and showbiz bitchiness. She digs modern times, and she enjoys living on a crest of a wave, especially in the here and now!

So is Joan Collins spiritual? Not on your life; her astro chart shows no metaphysical overtones, but perhaps Joan’s version of spiritual is not about paying lip service to a religious creed, but by living life with a spunky type of courage! Now that is the kind of paranormal magic only the ageless can weave!

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