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Jimi Mistry

Written by Philip Garcia

“East is East” and “West is West” Jimi Mistry is the best!” Jimi is indeed is one of the finest actors we know and love. We have seen him in “EastEnders”, “Coronation Street”, the “Truth about Love” and more. He also starred in “Blood Diamonds” opposite Leonardo Di Caprio, Guy Ritchie’s “RocknRolla”, and had a small part in that OTT Hollywood epic starring John Cusack, “2012”

He was BAFTA nominated for the movie “Exam” and of course we all know about his forays in “Coronation Street” and “Strictly Come Dancing”, when a teary Jimi was eliminated halfway through the dance race, unfairly some might say. However, while he was “on the dance floor” he definitely rocked to that beat with his lovely Italian partner Flavia, who not only guided him through a tango but down the aisle.

So what do the astro have to say about the fabulous Mistry? Well, this is a Cappy guy who has a realistic take on his profession. He will direct his earthy energies toward his career goals; after all “sensible” is the name of his game, ensuring he never misses a beat. He understands when a performance needs to be honed in though, he works on technique and is respectful of colleagues on set, in other words “that there old Cappy goat” knows how to reign in that wilder Saggy moon, even when it goes all dreamy on him now and then. Watching Jimi staring into space is a one off experience!

When he talked to About.Com on line he told them “I didn’t want to be an actor. That was the last thing I wanted to be. I wanted to be Michael Jackson for many years, not now. I am a bit of a dreamer. I was kind of one of those people who just wanted to do something. But acting was never my idea of what I wanted to do until I was about 17 or 18”

Even if Jimi did not seem to know what he wanted, no worries, Destiny ensured he would be an actor, in fact the moment Mercury, Venus and Mars, all in Saggy, ganged up on our friend he got confident and made a thespian “go of it.” Lucky for us that darkness before the dawn was only a temporary thing.


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With his Mercury in Saggy his talent grew almost as big as his eyes. He wanted to get under the skin of his characters even though sometimes he lost the plot and the script, not being the tidiest individual on this planet. Mercury likes him doing Mr. Communicative though, open to the inner workings of a soul, unashamed of laying characters’ feelings on the line, telling it how it is in the good and the bad, which of course enthrals audiences and makes him a popular actor..

Venus in Saggy ensures Mr. Mistry is charm on legs, an open hearted, charismatic sweetie, chatting away at cocktail parties, exchanging phone numbers with one new friend after another; he is a free thinker, a light traveler, someone who mixes and merges, turning acquaintances into friends at the drop of a hat. When it comes to romance he wants “beautiful” and “fun” and he has got all that with his wife, the gorgeous Flavia born in Naples. Flavia complements the sunnier side of his nature, nothing will hold these two back not even losing “Come Dancing”; all they have to do is walk down the street, to attract appreciative looks

With Mars in Sagittarius a “Jimi idea” wants to manifest before now! So when impatience gets to our friend a hot tango round the front room could be a way of resolving inner restlessness. With a fiery Mars, he needs to release pent up frustration, you know when life is just not flowing fast enough. Of course Mars in Saggy loves to have fun with Jimi, especially when it comes to social chit chat, and the sharing of something he feels passionate about. Watch him change though; one moment it is “Let’s go out and get it!” the next he is doing his best impression of a “couch potato” with a pretzel between his teeth. Some might say he would be a serious handful if he weren’t so darned nice and funny. Watch him dance around the kitchen with a potato peeler as a partner when things go wrong. Yes, Saggy gives Jimi that unique polish, that glittery shine, that sense of the ridiculous, no two ways about it.

Since Jim is a kind hearted guy, Jupiter in Capricorn rewards him with goodies, solid goodies, astro goodies that create lasting friendships and reliable connections, in fact the moment he lets go of “trying” rewards fall into his lap. So next year make a note of “Come Dancing” in your diary, because Jimi and Flavia will probably win it!

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