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Written by Philip Garcia

Once upon a time that charming Aquarian babe, Holly Willoughby became famous. That was after she was born in Brighton and raised by a down to earth double glazing manager dad, and air hostess, mum. Mum and Dad wanted the very best for their girl, and surprise surprise, it all ended “happily ever after” because their babe won a BAFTA for her positive contribution to children’s TV.

Holly Willoughby also had the luck to be born with Mr. Mercury in Pisces, so she would have had that cute way about her from the very moment she came into the world, and it stayed cute unless she had a tantrum, and got frustrated when mum and dad did not understand her. Anyway, Mr. Mercury would have made her dreams of being a super star come true. The fact that Holly Willoughby managed to hit the jackpot did not surprise her adoring family, after all they had watched her grow in confidence, and rise to fame at breakneck speed. Almost before her public could focus on their TV screens, wham, she was a celebrity! Could a fairy godmother have guided Holly Willoughby “to being in the right place at the right time?” Or was it down to sheer talent. In other words, what makes this girl so endearing to the public other than her devastating looks? At this stage one might need to summarise.

For one, Holly Willoughby works and plays hard, always good for success. Two, she did model ladies underwear way back when, and also took a shower in a kiosk in Trafalgar Square to encourage the great British public not to waste water. Very, very Aquarian! Her first lucky break was landing a part in a show featuring S club but she really hit the jackpot when she co hosted “Dancing on Ice” with Paul Schofield helping to attract over 8 million viewers. You see Holly Willoughby has a fascinating Venus in Aquarius; it makes her princess-like, and attracts her audience. I mean with that cute smiley face and glowing skin she is just such a galvaniser! The kind of girl who makes a guy turn weak at the knees. Sorry lads she is already taken, she married Dan Baldwin a producer of Ministry of Mayhem, at the young age of 23. Her Venus in Aquarius would have swept Dan off his feet. He would have been amazed by the way she stared into the distance all of a sudden. She was just taking one of her detached breaks, alla Venus in Aquarius. But the fact is she would never allow herself to be swept away by her success story.

Holly Willoughby remains resiliently down to earth, even though Mars in Pisces would make her prone to dream. Yet she is always determined to make what she dreams happen and that well placed Jupiter in Libra will help her to, ensuring her life is fair. She likes things upfront, people being straight with her and Mr. Jupiter will encourage her to pick the right company, people who believe in her, just like mum and dad always did. Currently, she is co presenting “Holly & Fearne Go Dating, with Fearne Cotton”, attempting to find dates for single people in the UK, her fun style fascinating her public as always but the true secret to her success, that factor that is so hard to pin down is her north node in Leo. It will make her a fun personality, so full of joy and laughter, a really good sport, a front line participator who endears the kids to her children’s shows. Her adult public appreciate her charming ways too, even when she caused that “fuss” when her dress slipped slightly, exposing a breast while she was hosting a robust game on the Ministry of Mayhem kid’s show. But the fact is our Holly did not let it affect her.

Holly Willoughby likes to joke about her mistakes, she also likes her food, likes a drink too and to live to the hilt. She hates to be alone. Being surrounded by friends and loved ones is one of her raison d’êtres. She once said “My plan is to have children and turn my back on work completely. When I start having babies, I`ll have as many as I can” in fact surrounded by laughing offspring would be Holly’s ideal! And that she has done! Two and one on the way! She need not worry, that starry Uranus influence will always surprise her and bring sudden and “destined”, events into her life. There is a sense she will develop a natural interest in spirituality as her existence unfolds. So what does it matter if she has doubts about herself some times? Holly Willoughby’s buzz remains dynamic, and will lift her up a notch when she feels down. The good news for Holly is that soon a wish could come true. Something she has always wanted to happen, so that lucky star will still be shinning over her still, helping to fill our lives with joy. Go for it Holly!


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