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Holly Valance

Written by Philip Garcia

Most little boys dream of marrying Taurean Holly Valance, most little girls dream of brushing her hair She is just too delectable to be true, just too beautiful to be real. However this ultimate cutie pie, model, showbiz celeb and songstress is an authentic VIP career girl: the type to put her money where her mouth is.

Holly Vukadinović, got her looks from her fashion male model Serb father and English super chick mother. Needless to say she is a gal with a broad take on life, and does not suffer fools gladly, and that is just for starters! She has starred in Neighbours, Prison Break, Shopaholic and Showdown and has warbled her way through songs like “State of Mind” which was hit perhaps due to the fact she sang it in flesh coloured underwear!

So what gives with our Holly, is she just to gaze upon and sigh over, or is there more method to her showbiz madness? We turned to the astro to give us the answer especially after her claims that “Everyone seems to forget that I’ve achieved everything myself and was a millionaire at 18!” With her sexy pout she would be a paparazzi magnet at any age.

So seriously what sun sigh rules her roost? Well, she is a practical Sun Taurus and her moon is in “Sock it To Them” Taurus, as per life buster! That particular earthy combo encourages a “stick your heels in” attitude until the prize falls into the lap, usually in the form of big bucks. Nothing must threaten Holly’s deals; no earthquake, floods or third world wars must show up on her doorstep. If they do, she will organize those nasties away and throw paper clips at anyone who claims her take is laced with unnecessary protocol.

Her double Taurus combo ensures solid star material, and her rise to the top of the fame mountain. Mercury, also in Taurus, will see Holly lying on the couch whilst making life and death decisions with a box of chocs close to hand. She is secretly planning her sweet take over, and she won’t sign on the dotted line before she understands the small print; which has to be scrutinized even if it takes six months to dot the I’s Will her money be safe? Is the guy she is investing in kosher, or is his grand dad a Mafia boss, etc? You might wonder how such a pedantic yet pretty girl got to be a millionaire at 18, and then suddenly there she is pulling out all the stops, and sweeping her competitors off the floor with a gorgeous, “Got you sussed”, smile and you are not surprised at all.


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Mercury in Taurus goes for chic internal and supportive office décor, where everyone who is anyone, sits around a big oak table in comfortable chairs chewing over shrewd business decisions; in fact drinks and cashew nuts will be on hand to smooth furrowed brows. She might get a tad pushy before she gives the go ahead to a deal, but eventually everyone will appreciate her sensible decisions, the kind of decisions that ensure everyone has more money in the bank.

With Holly’s kind of looks the cynical might believe casting couches paved her streets with luck, but with her Saturn in Libra ethics “above board” is the name of her game. She does not play with losers. Holly needs an honest partnership, after all she works hard to bring beauty to the world, so why can’t some multi national promote her; and they usually do! She hates ugly environments where everything and everybody is out of balance with Libra in her hair. She does not want unruly agents, pushy managers, scheming PA’s or jealous makeup artists flocking around her, she surrounds herself with family, friends, and harmony and she expects Saturn to deliver results on a silver tray, minus the drama!

And then, of course, the magic happens, the prince kisses her, the frog transforms into a super deal, and the wicked make up artist eats the poisoned apple. There we go at last, everything falls into place with Jupiter in Sagittarius. That Saggy combo backs up her lucky star, a star Holly deserves because of her focus and determination. Life is a bunch of roses Holly V, the kind of roses people gift you when they tell they love you. What a lucky girl!

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