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Gemma Collins

Written by Philip Garcia

If you were that trendy Water Carrier Aquarian Gemma Collins what would you say about yourself? “Umm well, I am big beautiful and blonde!” may be, or perhaps “I am a celebrity so seriously get me out of here!”

Gemma the sumptuous reality TV star and writer, who made it good with “The Only Way is Essex”, might not have a star on the Hollywood Boulevard , but she is one dreamy honey. Why do we say this you might cry? Well she was born on the 2nd of February 1981, and anyone born on the 2nd of February 1981 has a heart the size of Kansas and the type of smile that would light up a sky scrapper.

So what can we say about Gemma’s stars? Are they well aspected, sweetly placed, dreamy or sometimes wacky? Even with her sun in Aquarius, which is sustained by a realistic Moon in Capricorn by the way, she is a truly determined Water Carrier, in short a people lover, people planner,and people magnet.

Gemma, just in case you sometimes doubt yourself, your name is certain to go up in big lights. Get this, you have the protection of the zodiac, so start banging those drums, and dancing that jig, you are a big time girl with a big time talent, and you wil bear the weight of celebrity hood well into this year, and the long distance future.

You might ask us why we are so sure that this cute Blondie will walk down the yellow brick road and raise the curtain on Oz? Well, because she is someone who does not act up a storm, who does not throw a tantrum unless absolutely necessary, whose Aquarian open mindedness flows out of every single vibrant pore.


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So here is the super news. Gemma, you have an ascendant in Gemini, and Mercury in the tenth house! You probably have no idea what all that means, so let us explain. It means the Good Lord has ensured your witty cracks will consistently crease folks up, and even better, Mr Merc will help you think on your feet. Some might say you have thought on your feet far too often for one so cute; we refer to that traumatic event that hit you for six in 2014 when you fell apart at the seams and left “I’m a Celebrity ….!“ You might not think it was Mercury that helped you pull yourself together in record time, but as you got out of there you made good more than before!

The truth is Quicksilver Mercury will always be on your side, pushing you up and on to the light fantastic until your feet lift off the floor and you float out the window. With your eye on the sky, and your finger on the button, your heart will open wider every nano second. As land on stage, and face the great British public with a grin on your face, with a knowing song in your heart, you will inspire and be inspired.

Let’s face it Gemma, that cosmic, task master Saturn had it for you from the word go, perhaps even from the day you were born. He made sure you know what obstacles are, you know what a broken heart means, you know what trying to put a lid on unrequited passion does to a person. We know that you love to take all kinds of viable risks, and will get involved in various humanitarian projects to protect the suffering on earth, because as we said your heart is as big as the Grand Canyon, oops sorry a skyscraper, you are an Aquarian that not only carries a vase of bright clear water, you distribute its healing powers to those who need it

And now we will let you into a little secret, with your moon floating in that eighth house, a silvery light will open your third eye, and you will suddenly understand some of the mysteries of life, even the fact that life after death exists and those you love wait for you on the other side.

And now for the cream on the cake, with Jupiter in Libra you cannot help being lucky, you cannot help being beloved you simply cannot help being popular. There is something so harmonious about your soul, and it will call in those the lucky breaks one after the other, often kicking up a storm in the process

Ever heard of Good Karma Gemma? In your case good karma means you don’t want everything easy just for you, you want it for everyone else too. This makes you a jewel in anyone’s crown.

Yes Gemma is young in heart sometimes naïve, sometimes a tad impetuous, but her blonde, outrageous, quirky humour, her “never say die attitude” and her gusty giggle will always stand her in good stead! We are onto you Girl!

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