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Paul O’Grady

Written by Philip Garcia

“I got mistaken for a serial killer in Germany once. Two years ago, I was in Berlin and they let some nut out and the people in the street were all going’ “Ooh ooh!” pointing at me, and I thought, “Oh I didn’t know they had the Lilly Savage Show here”. So said the multi dimensional Mr. Paul O’Grady MBE. Paul would just have to be a Gemini, Gemini can be so extraordinarily talented, and add on Paul’s Mercury also in Gemini, one can only safely say he is a borderline genius, his creative ideas stimulating, intriguing and amusing us all. The fact that Mr. O Grady looks like a bank manager should not put anyone off, after all one must never judge a book by its cover because you just don’t know what cover you are going to get when it comes to Paul O’Grady! He might just be pretending to be main stream, your average Jo Bloggs, Mr. Ordinary, but the fact is this is a brilliant comedian and awesome TV presenter, a man who once had us all guffawing at the outrageously absurd shenanigans of a certain Ms Lily Savage.

Every time Paul O’Grady morphed into his extravagant alter persona Lily, a vamp from the nether regions whose dry comments and homespun advice would liven up any show, party or wedding, we were gob smacked, she was unbelievably funny, and oddly, we all knew we had a friend just like Lily in our lives. He took his Lily everywhere and it was not long before the two of them would walk down the road to success. But how did Paul O’Grady and Lily meet? Well, right from the start Paul had a thing about expressing the many facets of his multifarious personality. He worked as a civil servant, a bar man, a woodsman, a clerk and a social worker. But it was when he was working as a waiter in Manila that Lily Savage came into being. She probably appeared just as he was about to say “beam me up Scotty!” certainly her origins were on the edge of some nether region! It was not long before this glamourous, big haired, super made up, wise cracking broad held the United Kingdom in the palm of her hands, strutting her stuff in gay clubs, bars, and eventually on TV. Lily even made guest appearances on shows like The Big Breakfast, and Blankety Blank, always a force to be reckoned with, so outrageous that sometimes one had to rub one’s eyes to make sure that what one was seeing, and hearing, was actually happening. Perhaps inspired by his own Irish Catholic upbringing, in 2000. Paul O’Grady informed us all that Lily had seen the light and had gone off to live in a convent in France. We were sad at her demise, but also glad to see our hero trot off to launch yet another new facet to his multi dimensional personality, his own television show travelling the Orient.

Obviously his successful expansion into broadcasting continued. He hosted his own chat show, and has been a guest on many a radio and TV spectacle, even branching into DJ-ing on Paul O’Grady on the Wireless. Paul’s personal life has been almost as multifarious as his show biz activities. There was a marriage of convenience, to a Portuguese friend, and from that marriage he sired a daughter Sharyn and is now grandfather to a beautiful boy Abel. With that Venus in Gemini, living with Paul O’Grady would keep anyone on their toes, you might never know which sub personality you are going to share your breakfast with. Suffice it to say he will chat, chat, chat mesmerizing you with his new ideas, perceptions, and insights. But that Mars in Cancer will make him a solid companion, he loves a beautiful home, a domestic environment where he can just hang up his hat, contemplate in peace and enjoy all that life has gifted him with.

Paul O’Grady is a kindly man, with a good heart, and he has a need to look after others, just as he would like to be looked after himself. He suffered from a major heart attack, after not feeling well for some time in 2002, but such hard times were compensated in 2003 when the Observer listed him as one of the funniest British actors in show biz. In October 2008 he was awarded an MBE for his services to entertainment, and we cannot think of anyone who deserves it more. So what shows up for our friend for the next year or so? Well it looks like we will see considerable changes to Paul’s life. Mr. Mercury has always been his friend, and will encourage the planet Pluto to help him dig deep within to bring forth yet another scintillating idea, or sub personality. It is more than likely Paul O’Grady will write a book, or perhaps a screen play.

His life has been challenging, his own psyche intense and complex, he is inclined to worry, due his overstimulated and active mind, blame that again on Mr. Mercury. But Mr. Pluto, planet of the underworld, will help our friend delve into the depths and morph into so many variants of who he actually is, it will continue to be nothing short of miraculous! We feel this capacity will never leave him really and that he will continue to use his considerable gifts with great success. We would not be surprised at anything this genial man does; he is an inspiration, with that unusual, perceptive talent, and he will have us galvanised to our small screens for years to come! God bless you Paul O’Grady.


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