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Helena Bonham-Carter

Written by Philip Garcia

Helena Bonham-Carter’s life is like her hit film, “Room with a View”, an expansive vision, not just over Florence, but the length and breadth of her destiny!

Helena Bonham-Carter’s life is like her hit film, “Room with a View”, an expansive vision, not just over Florence, but the length and breadth of her destiny! Sun in Gemini is stimulating enough, but Moon in Leo is a magical Fairy Godmother waving her wand and gifting baby Helena with charm, a bright mind and social status – she is the granddaughter of the late Prime Minister Asquith and the cousin of Baroness Jane Bonham-Carter. Her early fame was wonderful but it could have brought one small glitch, Helena Bonham-Carter likes to sink back into the sofa rather than skip about! She likes to encapsulate varied ways of being, and has to ponder on those ways in peace. If she is pushed she digs her heels in. Sometimes these thoughtful “musings” clashed with the demands of her “out there”, young actress lifestyle, oh so Gemini! The fact is her Edwardian good looks could have made Helena Bonham-Carter a Punch Magazine cover girl, long dark curls, romantic eyes, that oldie worldy sensuality, type casting her in many a melodramatic, chintzy role. But she is a modern gal, and the fact we admired her small waist, her posh accent, and those flirty old fashioned characterisations got on her nerves! She once protested, “I hate this image of me as a prim Edwardian, I want to shock everyone!” So be warned, do not try to put Helena Bonham-Carter into a box, romantically, emotionally or career wise. She married Mr Burton, her true Twin Flame after all, and he is the epitome of genial originality, “Edward Scissor Hands”, ”Beetlejuice”, “Sleepy Hollow”. The only contradiction to her rather “on edge” taste in lifestyle and love partner is that domesticated Jupiter in Cancer, it makes her yearn for the smell of banana cake, and a welcoming environment for friends to lounge around in and discuss Tim’s ideas. Mars in Taurus would make Helena Bonham-Carter look up to his genius, express his same visions, the same artistic revelations They will probably choose to live in some manor house as they both grow older, a country spread, with horses grazing in the fields, her horses. For now London or Los Angeles would do Helena fine, cities stimulate her mind, she was born and bred in London, and like any Londoner, narrow mindedness is not her thing, intellectual stimulation to stay sane is. Her Venus in Aries has a tendency to say “I know what is best for me” and it could have tripped her up in her younger years when certain romantic situations became “suffocating”. Helena Bonham-Carter can be prone to mental sparring, a bit of that old torment can bring up doubts about her value, her talent, her looks. But let’s face it, the up sides of being Helena are far too many to mention, one of them is her capacity to make her home lovely with stylish furnishings and an atmosphere that would put any Feng Shui expert to shame! Interesting to note Helena Bonham-Carter could have deep empathy for the suffering, that Saturn in Cancer might make her want to reach out to those less fortunate, or at least to understand them. But she is no goody two shoes, she would prefer to play a background role, never blowing her own trumpet. She hates sentimentality, in that sense she is very British. Nor is she particularly self obsessed, but rather ready to “get on with it!” when necessary. She would never cry “Tally Ho the Hounds!” either, but there is an emblematic, upper middle class feel to her, which does exclude “touchy feely”. Make no mistake, her delicate forefinger is most certainly on the pulse, and it will continue to be on that pulse over the next couple of years. There are new projects in the offing, she will focus her concentration on a symbolic vision with her husband Tim, and it will take all her imagination and creative capacity to bring into being. The fact is we will be intrigued by that Helena Bonham-Carter magic for many years to come, no doubt of that!

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