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Angelina Jolie

Written by Philip Garcia

Nobody would dare call Angelina Jolie schizoid, a far too exaggerated term. But with Sun in Gemini and moon in Aries, she has more than two precise personalities; in fact her infinite capacity to express the multi dimensional is no secret.

Nobody would dare call Angelina Jolie schizoid, a far too exaggerated term. But with Sun in Gemini and moon in Aries, she has more than two precise personalities; in fact her infinite capacity to express the multi dimensional is no secret. She can show off her tattoos with pride, carry a phial of her lover’s blood around her neck, dress to kill on the red carpet, turn into a vampire over night yet she is a miracle worker. Angelina Jolie was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of actor Jon Voight and a sweet, adoring French mother. Right from the start she was a special, cosmopolitan child who drew admiring glances and coos of intimidated appreciation on the film sets of Hollywood. Outwardly Angelina Jolie seemed pretty easy to understand then, you know pretty sweet, pretty simple but inside her soul was building up momentum. Neptune in Sagittarius pushed her to transform beyond the pain of the breakdown of her parents’ marriage, into an avenging angel, a go getting chick with a unique philosophy of life. Angelina Jolie’s “all or nothing” take is nothing less than universal justice, children’s rights, and an end to suffering on this planet. Anyone who meets her is bowled over by her beauty, extreme individualism, deeply feeling nature, warm energy, sharp mind and all these goodies are balanced across a high wire. Angelina will not fall into that void below, She loves the human race, and is ready to make radical choices to prove it. Angelina Jolie empathises deeply with suffering, Venus in Cancer reflects this. One of her more surprising dimensions is her capacity to be an extremely sensitive mother, partner and wife, with a desire to merge within a tightly knit, happy family to feel easy. She wants to heal her loved ones, just as she would have liked to have been healed when her parents’ marriage collapsed, and she found it hard to shut out the pain. She has become a doting mother, Venus in Cancer. Her professional versatility however is shown in the complexities of her starring roles, roles where she unleashes that multi dimensionality and then returns home to her babies. Even though she will accept violent roles on the film set, as we have seen in Lara Croft, she rejects its worldwide reality with visceral disgust. For Angelina Jolie violence can only be a cartoon, nothing real that includes her truth. This goes to show how she can remove herself from a role to make it happen for her audience. She will learn any marshal art technique quickly and jump to attention at the crucial moment on a set piece. Her physical stamina is exceptional. Yet one would not be blamed for having a vision of Angelina Jolie as an archetypical angel as well as a leather clad warrior. She was a UN ambassador of peace, but beware, do not cross Angelina Jolie, her sense of cosmic justice is acute. She will wait, like the proverbial Chinese proverb, on the edge of the river until your corpse comes floating by, hence her breakdown in communication with her father for so many years. Most of Angelina Jolie’s love relationships have been destined, her love for Brad is written in the stars with a touch of “we have known each other forever”. Angelina is still looking to fulfil her mission, Pluto in Libra pushes her forward with passion, and every day she is finding more of her destiny to work on. She knows she has come to this planet to fight injustice and to convince people that a new model of existence is possible. Her astronomical salary helps her to contribute to many humanitarian projects with her husband Brad. She also uses her role as a beautiful actress, to publicise the pain in the world and is not afraid to accept unpleasant conditions during her peace missions around the world. Angelina Jolie is a one off star of the firmament, a challenge to herself, yet a deeply sweet woman with a golden heart. More than an actress she is an ambassador of new style thinking. The only strident cord could be her beauty, for she could draw to her a secret friendship, someone who will make her yearn for even more than what she has. Make no mistake Angelina Jolie is on the move, and we can be sure of one thing, she will constantly surprise us. The planet Neptune and the shaky state of the world could attract her to mystical pursuits and also interests she has not examined in detail as yet. So Angelina fans be prepared for some exciting news, this lady is not for burning. Angelina Jolie is a magical, astute, human being and a constant source of fascinating interest to us all!

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