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Whoopi Goldberg

Written by Philip Garcia

Caryn Elaine Johnson, alias Whoopi, winner of an Emmy, an Oscar and a Grammy once announced with that gravelly voice of hers, “What I am is a humanist before anything else, before I am a Jew, before I am black, before I am a woman. And my beliefs are for the human race, they don’t exclude anyone!” Whoopi Goldberg, stand up comedienne, talented comedy actress, one of the most crucial African American women in show biz, has pulled herself up from an emotionally taxing, and challenging past – she became addicted to heroin and married her drug counselor. This extreme play out of a remarkable life so early, could be laid at the door of both her sun and moon in one of the most intriguing and passionate signs of the zodiac, Scorpio. And to think she is one of only seven African-American actresses to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination makes us realise there is a unique driving force moving her forwards, and healing her life. That awesome energy makes her unafraid of being totally herself. Always an intrepid attitude towards making good, she worked the most humble of jobs. She was a brick layer, and cleaned up in a funeral parlor, mainly to fill in between acting jobs. Certainly, her creative thumbprint eventually touches everything. Her smash hits include Sister Act, The Color Purple and Jumping Jack Flash. Her talent is baseline inimitable, and this makes her an influential force in Hollywood, and on the small screen. She has appeared in “Absolutely Fabulous” as a marriage broker! And by the way, also known for her “on set” reactions, she defended Christian’s Bales well publicised blow up on his latest film set. Whoopi said: “We don’t know how many hours he has been working and its tough. I mean I know it sounds ridiculous but I too have gone off on people because if you’re a professional you know what you’re not supposed to do. It is your art form.” Of course such a radical perception of her art is, again, to do with her Moon in Scorpio. It makes her extreme. Big sadness, big joy, big love, big pain, big everything. If she likes ya, she likes ya, if she hates ya she hates ya, Whoopi is not going to be “diplomatic” unless her fans necessitate it. Her Mars in Libra assures us that when she lets rip, usually she does it in as logical a way as possible. She is too intelligent to overly exposed OTT emotions other than “behind the scenes”. The cosmic love of her fans drives her to compromise her temper on stage and screen. She is prepared to go to ridiculous degree of performing excess to earn their adoration. Remember her as one of the first and only women comediennes who was allowed to host the Academy Awards? And she did it with that eccentric bird outfit on too. So funny it was hard to concentrate on the ceremony itself. In fact, her costumes often have us rolling in the aisles. Who can ever forget her in a nun’s habit in Sister Act, or that wacky satin, puce ensemble in “Ghost”? Mr. Mercury plays her up in Scorpio, but he feels good there too, surprisingly. Mr. Mercury assures us she is the funny, creative, focused, comedic, chatty Whoopi we know and love. He helps her deliver a punch line with aplomb, in other words Mercury saves her comedic day. He relieves the intensity of her more complex emotions, helps her see the absurdities, and comment on them with entertaining insights. She has intuitive perceptions, her jokes, and probably the book she wrote – entitled, by the way, The Book – were channeled from some yet to be discovered place inside Whoopi’s soul! The Goddess Venus, in Saggy, would see to it that she is positively charming, a joy to be with. She will keep us up late with her hilarious diatribes about the “meaning of existence”, and we would sip wine with her and talk about a free-spirit’s perceptions of reality too. Whoopi is essentially a free spirit, someone who does not fit “in the box”. She is not beautiful, she is not gracious, she is not always in a good temper either, but she mesmerizes us nonetheless, and has us reaching for our kerchiefs, when tears of laughter stream down our faces. We are not surprised to learn that when she falls in love she does not want a “traditional” relationship. She wants to be swept up in some big guy’s arms and taken to the pyramids, perhaps sit on top of them giggling. She wants a man to be imaginative, and if he bores her she dumps him. Her past loves included Frank Langella and Ted Danson. Jupiter in Leo, is her Guardian Angel though, it makes her bighearted, liberal and kind. Born on the 13th her birthday number means “transcendence”. In fact it has to be said Whoopi has indeed “transcended” her past addictions and is now playing a winner’s game. With her true node in Sagittarius, she has overcome her lack of faith, and expands her visions to take in a more spiritualised vision of life. The more she becomes involved with the metaphysical, and opens her heart to higher truths, the more happiness will fulfill her. Her spiritual nature will always guide her on and up, and help her make the most of her awesome talents. Whoopi can expect some really exciting news of entertaining projects over the next couple of years. But the expression of them will be helped, again, by that dedication to a higher path, and within that an embellishment on her already hilarious delivery. Certainly creativity and self expression will move her on to the second stage of her showbiz career, a stage that will lead her to transform, and to becoming the very best that she can be. Keep on going Whoopi, and never forget to make us laugh!

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