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Tamara Mellon

Written by Philip Garcia

“I may not have the stereotypical head for business, but I have feet that were made for heels,” Cancerian Tamara Mellon once commented. Even though this lady is so concerned with feet, she needed her business head screwed on straight to be the former President of the Jimmy Choo Shoe Empire. She is the founder of world renowned cultish footwear worn so frequently by all the biggest celebs, the super high heels, the sexy designs that make any celebrity worth their salt, and that includes Elton John, shop as if they can shop no more!
In 2010 the beautiful Tamara was honoured with an OBE for her services to fashion, a magnificent achievement.
After stepping away from the Jimmy Choo brand following its acquisition by Labelux in 2011, she has flown solo with her own named brand Tamara Mellon in 2013 reiterating her footwear design knowledge into the market place and introducing ready to wear lines and stunning accessories, her business acumen goes from strength to strength.
Blame it on her Mars in Libra, who gifted Tamara Mellon with a style that has us falling in love with those 21st century winklepickers! And make no mistake she has more than enough chutzpah to expand on that ingenious talent! But may we suggest all this resourcefulness might have something to do with an intriguing mix match of Sun Sign in Cancer and parental genes? Tamara Mellon adores her ex Chanel model mum for better or worse, most Cancers love their mamas, but add on a sensitive Mr. Mercury in Cancer and this lady will have gently assimilated her mater’s fashion flair, and her entrepreneur dad’s eye for business.
Tamara Mellon went to the best schools and finished her education in Switzerland. So being naturally chic, classy and international would not have been difficult for our heroine. She was somewhat “divine” from an early age. But it was her inborn eye for talent that spotted the bespoke shoe craftsman, Jimmy Choo in the East End of London. Both of them never looked back! Currently their ready to wear Shoe Company is valued at $101 million and stretches from London to Beverley Hills, from New York to Hong Kong with phenomenal success.
Exquisite footwear has always been a woman’s panacea to the woes of existence. But Tamara Mellon is not only an exquisite lady with cartloads of charm; she is also a loving woman with her own share of emotional challenges.
Unlucky in love, it seems she has found the right “fit” with her now fiancé Michael Ovitz, after years of dating they decided to get engaged in Christmas 2014, she loves the variety and emotional security that comes with him. The 20 year age gap seems insignificant with the love they share.
An extravagant Venus in Leo will gift Tamara Mellon with such a warm and loving heart she will be virtually irresistible. She just loves to be in the company of a man she adores, and of course who adores her, and shows her this with extravagant gestures – very Leo in Venus. She wants to show him off too, make him feel all her warm and fiery devotion. It is keeping the passion going that is difficult for Tamara. Both business and maternal commitments will take her away from partners for long periods of time. The planet of luck and plentitude will want Tamara Mellon to expand her vision, reach out for even more success, and sit in the hot seat with ruthless determination.
Tamara Mellon is impressive, her business sense grand, her capacity to throw the average moccasin, lace up, stiletto and ballerina out the window, innovative. But Mr. Jupiter will create conflict, especially since her north node in Taurus will want her to be intimate and close to those she loves, in other words to build up a strong and resilient family life and spend alot of time cooking apple tart and being a mum. We sense she is going through a time of emotional awareness, defining herself more deeply as a woman. The fact is Tamara Mellon has a special mission, we say it is to glimmer; she might say it is to keep her life original.
She cannot help being a free spirit, she cannot help wanting to live high in the hog, all those qualities are written deep within her DNA, so she might as well enjoy her success, and this year she will. This year and next the blessings should continue to pour in, so Tamara Mellon, sit back and enjoy your life; it is not only imaginative but brilliant! Now, forgive me, but must pop down to Knightsbridge and buy me a pair of JC shoes. Tra la!

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