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Sherrie Hewson

Written by Philip Garcia

Normally when one says someone is a “salt of the earth” the image is of a grounded personality with a practical nature and an open heart, and it describes British Treasure Sherrie Hewson to a T. She is lovely Virgo, so hard working, so no-nonsense, so matter-of-fact. And like most Virgos a chronic worrier, but in her case with a wacko sense of humor, and a honed in ability to see through pretence. She endears herself to us immediately. She is so ordinary, yet so special. So candid yet so sensitive. Tact is certainly not her middle name and when there is a battle to be fought; Sherrie will be in the front line. She would be the best person to call if you were in trouble. Mercury in Virgo will have her stand up to anything or anyone. Energetic Mars in Scorpio will help her face up to a challenge.

She will never forget a kindness, a slight, or her lines; a good memory is useful to an actress! Her Scorpio moon insists on making her a faithful friend too. When she likes you, she likes you. She will stand besides you if you are in trouble, and with one scathing comment cut your adversaries to the quick. Sherrie’s genes are sheer show biz. Her father was a singer, her mother a model, and even as a tot she brought down the house with her signature song “You’ve got to have heart!” In her teens the proverbial door to success opened out wide, not only did she win the Oliver award, but a scholarship to RADA. Her career started to take off in the seventies; she appeared in the famous Z cars series as well as Carry on Laughing. Her screen appearances included The Slipper and the Rose with Richard Chamberlain and Hanover Street with Harrison Ford. An exacting Mercury in Virgo will be her friend when it comes to examining a role in the finest detail, her well honed technique enabling her to merge into a characterization and yet retain a certain detachment, now that is sheer professionalism!

Sherrie also starred in one of the greatest British Soaps, Coronation Street, playing Maureen Naylor a rather daft supermarket employee who had a thing going for a certain Reg. Her performance achieved much acclaim. Yet when she launched into her second soap appearance in Crossroads, it did not go down quite as well. When the show folded she became a unique panelist on Loose Women! Her blunt communication style, her “out there” attitudes have the audience in fits, she always manages to “put her foot in it” with style. When one tunes into Sherrie’s astro picture, what emerges is solidity and a rich inner life. How could forget her fantastic character in the hit series Benidorm as the out of touch Joyce Temple-Savage! As far as her personal life is concerned, Venus pops up in Virgo here, so there could be an occasional pedantic “who squeezed the toothpaste from the middle of the tube?” attitude, but also such sweetness that the nagging is quickly forgiven.

Sherrie has a lovely daughter and a little grandson, who she will probably dote on, and tell fun stories to as they giggle and roll around the carpet. But ultimately, Sherrie has an indefinable quality, there is nothing small minded about it, Jupiter in Aquarius would not stand for meanness. She is inclusive, non judgmental. Sherrie’s north node in Pisces would also make her humane, compassionate, the archetypal “chip off the old block” ready to help anyone in need. It is almost certain she is a very old soul, and has come to fulfill her final mission on planet earth. We would be very surprised if Sherrie was not spiritual, a unique style of spiritual of course. She could be someone who believes in the inexplicable mystery of existence, yet not make a big deal out of it, she is far too practical. She would prefer to see the good in humanity rather than the bad, to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, even if her Scorpio moon will not stand for unkind individuals.

Even as a child, Sherrie knew success would be hers. She watched people, assessing their mannerism, identifying with them; these insightful perceptions have enabled her to be the fine actress she is today. She is on the way to change over the next couple of years, cultivating something new for herself, a new hairstyle, a new look, an even broader approach, she might travel, get involved in a charity drive, whatever she does she will shine at it, and perhaps even touch the core of who she is, that spiritual core that ultimately gives her inner wisdom and joy. We cannot wait to see your new choices Sherrie, we look forwards to them, whatever they are, because we know they will make us laugh, and always love you for the star that you are!


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