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Sharon Osbourne

Written by Philip Garcia

Show biz personality Sharon Osbourne has her own philosophy on life and she is sticking to it. She is also Ozzy’s guiding light. She met him in his Black Sabbath days, when her dad Don Arden managed him; with, it was said, rather dictatorial ways. When Ozzy was sacked from Black Sabbath, Sharon decided she would take him under her wing, and became his agent. They married in Hawaii on 4th July 1972. Sharon is born under the sign of Libra so one could imagine “harmony” would be her second name, and to some extent it is, until that Gemini Moon kicks in and all hell is let loose. Initially Sharon and Ozzy beat each other black and blue, teeth were knocked out a bottle of scotch was launched at Ozzy’s head, and Ozzy was arrested for attempted murder in Moscow when he tried to strangle Sharon in a drug fueled stupor. But the attraction was too strong to walk away from and Sharon promoted her Ozzy until he became one of the most popular heavy metal bands on this planet. In the nineties Sharon pulled the Ozzfest festival out of the ethers, and it was to become one the most popular rock festivals that would continue to hit the high spot for ten years. Sharon was brought up in a violent atmosphere. Her father Don Arden was almost surreally cruel to her. He was aggrieved at her for managing Ozzy, and set dogs on her when she visited him. She lost the baby she was carrying at the time. Sharon refused to see her dad for years, yet she still paid for his care in the last years of his life. Sharon’s soul is always aflame with indescribable sentiment, yet a strong and resistant core pulls her through the worst of life, and it has to be said she has virtually seen it all. It would only be logical that she and Ozzie set each other off like fireworks, but with Sharon’s Venus in Scorpio when it is right between them, they not only hit the light fantastic, they literally touch the stars. In fact Sharon’s Venus placement would make her one of the few people on this planet that could live a blissfully happy married life with Ozzy, known for his rather eccentric domestic habits! She is unconquerable, the kind of lass that could stand up to an earthquake, a forest fire, a tidal wave and an illness like cancer and come out virtually unscathed! In fact, Sharon has become a cult figure after fighting a bout with cancer; she battled with it in front of MTV cameras in her usual documentary style. In fact, during her onslaught on the disease she picked up award for her show The Osbournes, and attended the Creative Arts Emmys in Los Angeles, receiving the best TV reality show award. In the meantime, back home Ozzy fell to pieces with anxiety over her disease, and their son Jack attempted suicide as a result of chronic depression. She kept going, and survived triumphant and tougher than usual ready to hit the big time, her son and husband resiliently by her side! Her managerial genius goes unquestioned, and is part and parcel of the success of the Osbournes, a live broadcast of their screwball family life. It was the show that relaunched Ozzy as a cult figure, and with their acting out kids and twelve rather messy dogs in the limelight, it proved to be magic. It was obviously another arrow to Sharon’s bow, and has earned her an estimated £11.5 million. She has since been appearing on X Factor, America’s Got Talent, Rock of Love Charm School and The Osbournes Reloaded. Unlike most people, this woman does not possess a fear bone in her body; timidity is not her second name. She is almost extraterrestrial in her sturdiness and feet on the ground attitude. After having extensive plastic surgery, she once quipped “Anyone who says their face lift doesn’t hurt is a liar, I feel like I have spent the night with an axe murderer!” Like Ozzy she is an oddity, someone who does not fit into the proverbial box, yet manages to fascinate us all with her fiery, quirky take on life, marriage and existence. She is a stalwart soul, who exudes matriarchal chapazz. Her kids and Ozzy adore her for she is a mum with the most, a mum on the warpath, a true soldier when it comes to dealing with the challenges of family life. Her vibrant Mars in Sagittarius will force her to tell it how it is, and will have encouraged her outbursts on X Factor when she railed against Chris Tarrant. Her reactions are always excessive when Ozzy or her kids are criticised. She has been known to send boxes of excrement to those who verbally denigrate her family. Her energy is explosive, in the good and in the bad, sometimes disproportionate. She cannot strap that part of her down, give it a cup of chamomile tea and say “have a nap”. There is nothing moderate about Sharon. Yet Ozzy should turn to Mr. Jupiter every day, and say “Thank God you are here Mr. Jupiter, and thank the Lord you are in Taurus”, because that aspect helps Sharon create a luxurious lifestyle and millions in the bank with her more than astute business sense. In fact her grounded know-how consistently maintains the Osbournes in the style they are accustomed to. She is a genius with the purse strings, and has an in-bred capacity to recognise a good deal when she sees it. If it were for Ozzy, whose creative genius wanders around in the nether regions, they would now be down the Job Centre. In the old days when she was fighting for Ozzy, making sure he got the good gigs, she was a Boadicea lookalike, leading the troop’s forwards into battle. But that Mercury in Libra still belies a soft and gentle side, that her husband and kids know so very well, a part of her that wants to keep the peace, make things right, understand, forgive and forget, she is in fact a “Menisci”, Yiddish for great person, whose fiery character has enabled her to act “Super Woman” and stand up to all the odds flung in her face, including her violent childhood and sometimes difficult marriage to Ozzy Her Karmic lesson is that of the peace maker, the woman who holds the key to creating harmony, if she so chooses. Her North node will encourage her to forgive, and let bygones be bygones! These next couple of years will see her even more in the public eye expressing emotions out there for all to see, probably due to her new show. She will realise that all her efforts to build a rock solid future for her kids and a space for Ozzy’s talents will not have fallen on arid ground. She will continue on, fighting any odds, and standing by her guns. We cheer you on Sharon.

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