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Scarlett Johansson

Written by Philip Garcia

Never get into an argument with star Scarlett Johansson, even if she has been voted the “Sexiest Woman Alive!” Why? Well even though she resembles the prettiest cutie pie ever she is convinced her opinion is right; so it is rare she will back down.

Never get into an argument with star Scarlett Johansson, even if she has been voted the “Sexiest Woman Alive!” Why? Well even though she resembles the prettiest cutie pie ever she is convinced her opinion is right; so it is rare she will back down. With her Sun and Mercury both in Scorpio she is just so intensely funny, her jokes cause such a side-splitting laugh, her wry comments would fill a joke book, someone should think of writing it! Yet she will see through the fakeries of life and read the underlying motivations of most people. She can spot a false flatterer at 30 yards. She sizes folks up well, picks up their energy field. This might be due to her twin brother Hunter being so close. He was born only 3 minutes after her. She read his moods from an early age, she could tell when he was “putting it on” before he did! Therefore her small frame, gorgeous face, light hearted veneer are contradictory to her true, rather wise nature. One would expect to see her looking more bookish, acting more intellectual; that phrase “you can never judge a book by its cover!” could apply to Scarlett. Even though she is as curvy as a young Marilyn Monroe she does not pin her success on looks at all. She has different values, that of a serious lady, an actor to be reckoned with after roles in such successes as the “Horse Whisperer”, “Lost in Translation” and “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”. She is such a bright, new talent that genius Woody Allen spotted her for a role in one of his film exploits. She said about him “I just adore Woody, we have a lot in common, We’re New Yorkers, Jewish, we have a very easy going relationship”, so good was their connection in fact that Scarlett gave one of her best performances in Woody’s “Match Point”. Mercury working its magic yet again? Mars in Capricorn, however, drives her forwards; she is determined to be the tops. To commit to becoming an even more critically acclaimed actress. She can detach from her sex appeal well nowadays, even make fun of it, or commenting wryly upon it. She would feel embarrassed if her peers only judged her for her looks. She is always open to new experiences and relationships, marriage being one of them. She has been engaged to Josh Hartnett the actor, and married / divorced Ryan Reynolds. She does have a soul secret though, one that destiny will teach her. Her secret is that with Saturn in Scorpio there is transfiguration ahead, she will be challenged to let go of her past, to move on. She will transform as result, becoming someone entirely different. This challenging Saturn placement will make sure she understands the profundities of life and acquires more maturity as a performer and a person. As she unfolds into more life experiences Scarlet will be pushed to access her greatest gifts, knowing when the going gets tough she has chosen her own destiny. In other words she will become a “Menisci” a Yiddish word for a “fine human being”. She will not let anyone know how profound she really is, unless they are super close and she will always appreciate the sudden changes necessary to her personal evolution! In the meantime she will chat and net work, creating a buzz around her wherever she goes, a carefree buzz that will always keep the energy high and those screen interpretations so heartfelt and a continual delight to her audience. With Venus in Sagittarius Scarlett will be ready to discuss her views of humanity and the future at a drop of the hat, her interest in politics will escalate over the coming two years and her backing of Obama will seem even more significant. She was singing her all on the Obama music video “Yes We Can!” That phrase could apply to her also. She is a participator, a doer, no vapid beauty, more likely to dig a ditch than spend hours on her own makeup prior to red carpet commitments. As the year evolves Scarlett will be recognised yet again for her acting abilities. Her bright spark attitude will pull to her a number of fascinating roles, which she can shine in. She will be more in control of her publicity machine and could make radical choices about her style of dress and PR. She will become very inquisitive about new ways of presenting her gifts and could take lessons from a coach in that process. She is a rising star and will continue to make progress in all facets of her life. Her restlessness will not deter her from continually seeking stability or from creating a firm emotional foundation. She will go out of her way to maintain her beloved friends and people she can rely on around her and feel supported and inspired in that process. Scarlett is a very lovely girl indeed and frankly we cannot wait to see her evolution over the next couple of years.

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