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Roseanne Barr

Written by Philip Garcia

“Women complain about premenstrual syndrome, but I think of it as the only time of the month that I can be myself” quipped Roseanne Barr, that once in a life time show biz phenomena, and certainly no straight laced, refined type of chick. We have an image of her guardian angel standing over her before she incarnated on planet earth, his wings all in a twist yelling “Okay Roseanne, cut out the over reacting, you are born for stardom. So don’t muck it up this time!” Scorpio Roseanne Barr is a drama queen per excellence, you see, her Venus in Sagittarius makes her mesmerizing too, a ball of fun, full of quick quips, the life and soul of any party. Her angel should not have worried, after all she is an awesome survivor, and Jupiter protects her from the more shadowy elements of her personality, even though they have popped up when she least expected them to over the last years, never doing her in entirely, we hasten to say. Mercury lands gracefully in Sagittarius, so that aspect would have gifted her with a “make em laugh” demeanor, saying it how it is in an ironic and forthright manner. Of course her strong emotional reactions succeeded in putting the proverbial spanner in her works, that Scorpionic emotional underworld, where deeper feelings were hidden under a derisive take, subliminally affected her life. In fact, her existence reads like a Verdi Opera. She dropped out of school and after having a car accident, suffered from constant nightmares and a weak memory. She has declared she was sexually abused as a child, but this has been vehemently denied by both her sister and parents with all the ensuing court battles. She gave birth to her first daughter, Brandi who she gave her up for adoption. She then married Bill Pentland with whom she had three children Jennifer, Jessica and James, who worked with her on her talk show and that is just for starters! She got her showbiz show on the proverbial road when she was just a restaurant waitress, her hilarious comments to customers getting her a spot as a standup comedian. She made her debut on The Tonight Show, and was virtually an overnight success; in fact before she could say “I want to a movie star!” she was given her own show “Roseanne” on ABC television. Jupiter in Taurus would encourage a realistic take on her career, and the financial offshoot of it. She wanted to be a success, after all her background had been immigrant Ukraine, Russian, Lithuanian and Hungarian, that kind of genetic soup could not have made life easy for her ancestors, she knew she could do better. Her comedic character was well thought out, being the archetypal lower, middle class American housewife, overweight and an acerbic nag. The phrase “domestic goddess” came into being during that Emmy Award winning show. She later said of the show, “I was in a sound studio for almost a decade. At the end of it, like Rip Van Winckle I came back and found that everything had changed. Suddenly there were computers and e-mails, and it took me another 10 years to catch up with regular people. But the TV show is over. What am I going to do? I can’t boss people around anymore – sad but true.” During the show’s run, she met and fell in love with her Twin Flame, Tom Arnold and her life took a down turn. When they first met, Roseanne’s Venus in Sagittarius made her so attractive, such fun, the type of Venus that would have wanted a positive relationship, after all this is a lady who believes in true love, and soul mates. Instead the relationship was too intense and challenging, and it was hard for her to keep up with the twisting emotions in her heart. The relationship collapsed, she accused him of domestic abuse, and her accusations were followed by one of the most traumatic divorces ever seen in Show biz history. Her Guardian Angel would have been pretty desperate by then. He would have wanted to warn her that this was a clear mix match of OTT personalities right from the start, but Roseanne would never have listened, she feels she “knows” what is best for her ultimately. Her eventual talk show was a spin off from Roseanne, but ended due to a dramatic emergency appendectomy, and a revamped lifestyle. She has since had plastic surgery, and has lost weight. The truth is Roseanne is someone on a mission, whether she is entirely aware of it or not is questionable. Her Jupiter encourages her to follow her star, to use her inner wisdom to go deeper than just the “deal” of life. Jupiter also advises her it is actually okay not to keep to the straight and narrow, but rather push the boat out as far as her talents are concerned. She has such a quick mind; it is hard for the majority of the human race to keep up with her, including partners and family who are sometimes aghast at her more outrageous quips. But she still is on a mission, and her guardian angel would want to remind her, if only she gave him the time of day. Now Roseanne is very much more sedate now, but make no mistake she will be back with her cutting quips, as she has a few interesting projects in the pipeline, in fact there are important new beginnings even in the area of relationships. So guardian angel, brush up your wings, and get spruced up, things are looking better for our Roseanne.

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