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Pixie Lott

Written by Philip Garcia

A Cutie Pie Baby
Her mum described her as a cutie pie baby who looked like a fairy. The kind of fairy most of us would like to find down the bottom of our garden! Some might say Pixie Lott bears a fleeting resemblance to Tinker Bell, but clearly she never fluttered around Peter Pan, she was too busy fluttering around the recording studios!
So how did such a gorgeous brat burst on to the pop scene and sell a clear 1.5 million copies of her album “Turn it Up?” After all this girl was not born in Graceland she was born in Bromley Kent. In other words, even if she channels an amazing noise through a tiny frame she is still a miracle? So is she a Billy Holiday reincarnation?
Spectacular Singing
Her first forays at spectacular singing were in the church choir, She went on to attend the Italia Conti Stage School. part time on Saturday mornings and was later awarded a scholarship. This still does not explain her awesome talent! Perhaps her Sun in Capricorn gets the drift! Cappy says Pixie does not do “Superficial!” She is a hard worker, she is serious! She practises and practises. She disciplines herself. She sings her scales every day. What makes her performance real magic, what helps it go beyond “technique”, is that moon in Saggy. Her magical moon ensures some days she dances barefoot rather than in Jimmy Choo shoes. Even though she loves”high fashion chic” with a Sun in conservative Capricorn, a Saggy moon will always inspire a bojo style hippy skirt, a red spot in the centre of her forehead, a compass and a knap sack. Is she in conflict as a result? Not on your Nelly! That astro combo inspires her singing style, moves her audience and ensures she gets serious and then jokey within seconds.
She Was Different!
Pixie realised she was different from the moment her pretty little feet toddled out of her play pen. She also knew she would make it big time even when her chubby two year old knees hardly held her up. She “got” that she would work super hard from the age of approximately four so she organised her life accordingly.. She was easy to teach and she found it easy to learn. Especially when it came to music and fashion!
Her Heart is On Her Sleeve
She told the Mail ‘My favourite songs are always ballads, I love singing them, listening to them…..” Venus in Aquarius makes sure of that.
When her beloved Nan passed away she wrote a song about her and still cries every time she sings it!. For all her Cappy ambition the goddess of love made sure she cares about the down trodden, the vulnerable and the put upon, in fact the whole wide world. Why? Well, because when the silver spoon was placed in her mouth, it was in the sign of Aquarius! The soul seeker, the equalitarian, the inspirer!
A Magical Girl
Mercury in Sagittarius makes this magical girl’s mind so broad it stretches as far as New York City. She does not need to hunch over some dusty old book to understand the human passions she sings about. That Saggy combo helps her avoid Drama Queen attitudes and keeps her dancing to a fun beat! Of course she always has realistic old Cappy to steady her! But she rarely takes herself seriously. Perhaps that is why she can switch notes at the drop of a hat. Perhaps that is why she learned one does not do “bitchy critical” when one is carving a career in show biz at a young age.
With Uranus in Capricorn suddenly she goes less flighty and more ambitious less giggly and more serious minded. She sticks to the script, and woe betide anyone who edits it without her permission. She is the only girl we know who can stand in Cinderella’s glass slippers , and prove they were Jimmy Choos all along! In other words a typical Capricorn sun, Saggy moon, that is our story and we are sticking to it!

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