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Magali Gorre – Real Housewives of Cheshire

Written by Philip Garcia

What She Really Felt
Dutch lovely Magali Gorre told Reality Box what she felt about the Real Housewives of Cheshire show.
“…. I was part of something massive and I was myself. I’m of proud how I handled things because it was not always easy and I feel the love of the viewers, so I must have done something right… So watch this space!”
Well, we will watch you Magali Gorre, because you ensured those Cheshire Hills were “alive with the sound of music” due to your glorious presence, even though all you wanted to do was spend more time with your family!
“Away from the show, last year was a very tough year for my family and me, dealing with various family illnesses and the sad passing of my father.”
“Over the Christmas break I realised that with all the fantastic things going on last year and the success of The Real Housewives, I never gave myself enough time and space to fully grieve and come to terms with the loss.”
So What Do the Astro Say
Okay, what do the astro say about this lovely lady and her coming to terms with loss? First we would like to lighten up and point out that Gemini is as Gemini does and with a double whammy Sun and Moon both in that airy sign Magali is a “doer!” an enthusiastic communicator and a fun chatter box who cannot “get” why stuffed shirts make everything difficult when the world is one’s oyster most days, we stress “most days!” not every day! Magali, is an old soul, she has incarnated hundreds of times if not thousands on this planet, she does not need to prove herself. She certainly does not have to pretend to be consistent. She just needs to entertain, and with her super chatty Gemini pen at her side Magali has more than entertained with her amusing columns in publications like Italy’s Grazia, Esquire, Glossy, Avant G and De Telegraaf.
More Real Astro Facts
Okay, let’s get down to some more astro facts! For those who don’t know, Magali’s super Gemini placement ensures she is sharp, bright, creative and trusts her instincts. She can grab hold of a rubric cube or some other complex problem, and solves it in minutes. She is also psychic and will definitely trip the light fantastic when it comes to otherworldly manifestations in her twilight years. For now she just enjoys entertaining others to her heart’s content, her answer to life’s challenges is “Throw a party!” It is not difficult to convince folks to come to her dos; after all she is such an entertaining type and so much fun.
Kenji, Quinten and Aiden her sons are part of the fun, most days, not every day of course, and to boot those boys are attracted to “the beautiful game.” Perhaps that penchant of their’s is something to do with footballer dad Dean Gorre, the guy who Magali loves. She idealises that man and her boys, the only folks who can convince her life makes sense! She is a softy as far as they are concerned. She has Venus in Cancer you see. A Mumsie astro aspect indeed.
She might try to discipline her boys with tough love, for five minutes that is, but if she sees the corners of their mouths turn down, she goes and buys them pressies, forgetting she is cross. She wants her home life to be a haven all the time, not just some of the time! She wants everyone to love her as much as she loves them and they do! In fact, she gets on the phone to a fave friend more than once a week; her big heart and listening ear makes it easy for folks to chat away their blues. A friend will always feel welcome in her presence, even if she has no time to make them dinner; her Venus combo makes sure of that.
Cream on the Trifle!
Jupiter in Pisces makes Magali a super human being, it turns her compassionate and charity orientated. She gets worked up about people’s pain but does not want her public to know how sensitive she is. She tends to pretend that life is just a load of fun, acting as if she does not have a care in the world, even when tragedies hit for six!
Yes life “should” be a lot of things it is not Magali. And one of the things is about the loss we referred to above, and why keeping one’s true feelings in the closet is not always a good idea. Mercury in Cancer explains why this lovely lady takes everything so much to heart and won’t let on about it. Nobody knows why she is crying, why suddenly she cannot bear loss, injustice and all that human suffering, but Mercury in Cancer will tell us why if we ask.

Her Saturn in Sagittarius is a challenge to Magali. So what does that mean pray, we hear you cry? Well it means that Magali will discover her true soul purpose is to fight for. With the death of her dad she caught a glimpse of it, and over the next years, she will see many false belief systems crash and burn! Family and heart matters will take on prime importance. Hiding her heartache and disappointments will no longer be relevant. She will open up as she digs into the human condition and does amazing things – like writing an amazing best seller. She knows about human failings, she knows that she is tough enough to face up to them truly, deeply and passionately!

Magali, is a real “Mensch!” We rest our case!

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