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Lily Allen

Written by Philip Garcia

The phrase “I look at the sun and I am a winner!” from her song “Fear” could be Lily Allen’s motto! With so much controversy buzzing around her, most folks could think this young Taurean lass is a mix of “whiz kid”, and “mixed up kid!”

The phrase “I look at the sun and I am a winner!” from her song “Fear” could be Lily Allen’s motto! With so much controversy buzzing around her, most folks could think this young Taurean lass is a mix of “whiz kid”, and “mixed up kid!” But the fact is, she has some brilliant genes swimming around her cerebral matter she is the daughter of the gifted actor and musician Keith Allan, which other than the placement of her “stars” at birth, probably gave her a kick start. She grew up “street wise”. When her parent’s marriage broke up she lived with her mother Alison Owen, the film producer, in Islington, a “working class” environment, she states! One could doubt that perception, she went to some of the best schools in the country, but hers is an “I aint no snob” attitude, and it drives her artistic talent. The considerable media hullabaloo buzzing around her persona basically cuts no ice with Lily; it is what she wants. You see this girl has an astute creative sense, and so much Libran moon shinning down on her, one could say she has an inborn nose for show biz, coupled with a balanced and determined will to achieve. Interestingly, with that brilliantly placed Mercury in Aries, she certainly does not lack for talent, or want to live a “Status Quo” existence; she decided to hang out in Ibiza for a while. She progressed on, inspiring, visioning, questing and creating a blog that drew alot of musical attention, eventually challenging her newfound public with a very singular talent. This girl is smart enough to know the occasional “storm in a teacup” will hit her public’s funny bone; she sees it as normal to make the odd controversial statement. Some might say she has pushed the boat out too far, too frequently. Others might also say she is sporadically “under the influence”, or that her comments about her songster colleagues are beyond “impertinent”. Do not be fooled, she knows what she is doing. This gal has resilience written into her genetic code, oodles of self confidence is the cream on her “life path” cake. Think of it this way, “Putting the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons” is part of her mission to encourage folks to rock and roll! And make no mistake, that Mars in Gemini will make her feisty, especially reactive to those who pick bones over her talent. She retorts with “sharper than sharp” wit, garbed cracks to get the airways buzzing. Her fans are sitting on the edge of their seats! Yet we expect her to be insolent! She has a right to be; after all she did her long divisions faster than most other kids on the block. Again we wish to remind you that she is a stubborn Taurus, so it is obvious that nothing, we repeat no-thing, will shift that bee from inside her bonnet! Luckily, a Libran moon walks hand in hand with her down life’s high road, so it is unlikely she will overly upset the applecart, and she will never go the long way around to get her career needs met. She has a creative hotline to a “rather stroppy muse”, this makes magic, manifests synchrony. To Lily being in synchrony means being who she is 150 percent of the time. She will not compromise, nope not for you or me, except if you are a beloved mate, and if you are one of those in trouble, she will be supportive and “there”, which puts pay to those consistent “enfant terrible” rumors whirling around show biz circles. The phrase “she is not all that she seems” is apt when it comes to Lily. She “seems” “rebellious” but she is quite sensible. The only thing she might worry about is money, but she is also a closet penny-pincher, so she will not throw it out of the window, at least not all of it at once! Jupiter in Aquarius is what clinches Lily’s deal. It means she has a “broad sweep” perspective. She seeks to find ways and means of informing and challenging with a vision that does not fit into a main stream perception. She wants to grate with “stuck in the mud” analyses of reality, so prevalent when fear is the emotion driving people forwards. Sometimes her efforts might fall on rocky ground, but she is convinced, she is a Taurean after all! This year, her Pluto placement, Pluto being the planet of “going deep” (not something our friend is averse to), encourages her to revamp her finances, decide how she is going to continue with her career style, focus on a new aspect of presenting herself to the public, or dig down into her deeper motivations and push to accomplish new goals. She will get very clear indeed! And we will be aware of her. She is unstoppable, unbeatable and incorrigible. A real show biz brat for some, a real show biz talent for you and me!

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