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Kim Kardashian

Written by Philip Garcia

Famous for Her Rear End
You can click on Kim’s hindquarters and watch it grow on line. This ensures some folks sigh with frustration, they just do not “get” how any girl could be famous for a butt. Amazingly others cheer when Kim Kardashian is mentioned, the beautiful Libran gal who according to Helen Mirren is not only “shameless” but has redefined female beauty.
“I am not into the Kardashians, it’s a phenomenon I just don’t find interesting, but – and this is the big word: B-U-T-T – it’s wonderful that you’re allowed to have a butt nowadays,” Helen Mirren told the Sunday Telegraph Magazine.
Super Thespian
Super thespian Helen is not the only celebrity who has attempted to define Kim’s physicality. Michael Jackson once told her she looked like a Madonna, but in truth Kim probably cares less about looking like the Madonna and more about having “An eyelash curler, Joe Belasco mascara, a Kabuki brush, some sort of eyelash powder, and a Smashbox bronzer,” in her make up bag! She is into advertising, into looking good, and into money!
Need to Know Info
Okay, you need to know Kim’s background is top drawer, and that her dad was the power attorney Robert Kardashian who some say helped O J Simpson get away with murder. So believe us when we say this gal is not for burning. Yet, interestingly, even if Kim got involved in reality TV and a sex tape far too early on in her career, she recovered. Mars in Virgo would have ensured she got rather nervous about that particular publicity stunt! Her Virgo placement ensured self criticism, In fact, she could have thrown herself into nitpicking house keeping to get over the flop! She likes things clean!
Four Planets All in Libra
With her Sun, Moon, Uranus and Mercury all in Libra Kim just cannot help getting into aesthetic communications, in fact she feels incomplete if she does not have “beautiful looks!” at her finger tips! Kim is convinced there can be little happiness in life if one does not “appear” consistently stunning. This means that when she opens that lovely bow shaped mouth of hers she will rarely give away anything ugly, only dumb, and for the great reviews too!
An interesting Mercury placement also backs up that “Be Beautiful At All Costs Even If It Means Looking Dumb!” networking number of hers. However do not be fooled, even if Kim appears somewhat superficial, and the press loves to mock her perceived “witlessness” with Venus in Scorpio her “Intensity Mojo” hits the high note, and dare we say it her magnetic sexuality and control freak tendencies are “the real name of Kim’s game!” Venus in Scorpio means she is deep, and not half as “faux” as she would have us believe. It means she will go to extremes, as in work till she can work no more. It means she will harness huge amounts of creative energy, and then rise above conflict and emotional uncertainty to get where she wants to be!
A Keen Business Woman
We insist Kim is a keen business woman, We repeat, her Aries in Saturn placement tells us so. She realised she would have to make it on her own when young. She might have been angry about certain aspects of her upbringing! She might have felt her parents were responsible for her missing out on opportunities and that she was left alone to deal with her impulsive behaviour. But hey, she is also super smart, which enabled her to work it all out, not only with an ample derriere but ample funds in the bank, She knows how to make money with a quick thinking mercurial mind She lives on her wits far more than folks give her credit for.
Holding a Finger Up to Tradition
Libra in Uranus closes the deal on this amazing woman; that planetary aspect ensures artistic talent – in her case her body is her work of art. Libra in Uranus makes sure she will never be the underdog either, it helps her overcome childhood trauma, broken relationships, and life’s sorrows. It ensures an unconventional perspective lifts her up rather than pulls her down!
You see, she is not afraid of vibrating on the edge, of holding her finger up to tradition, of becoming everything she can possibly be. That is why she is famous. It is not her gorgeous face that makes it so, nor her large back side it is something that shines from within. The pundits might think Kim is only hot because of those aesthetic qualities! We say the general public knows what it wants! We dig Kim! May be because she said goodbye to that catwalk thin look, and hello to ample sensuality that makes the blood flow, the mind sparkle and the senses thrill. Perhaps the secret to her popularity is that she wants the gals to finally “get” that Big is Truly Beautiful!

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