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Glenn Close

Written by Philip Garcia

Okay so who is that girl, the one with the classy demeanour, the one who admits she is sometimes taken for Meryl Streep on Oscar night?

Okay so who is that girl, the one with the classy demeanour, the one who admits she is sometimes taken for Meryl Streep on Oscar night? Well here are some clues. She is blond like Meryl, has blue eyes and the same, almost magical capacity to master her roles so that we do not know where she begins, and her characters end. Okay still not got it? Think some more! She has won three Tony Awards. She was the wicked French chick in Dangerous Liaisons, the depraved dame in Fatal Attraction. Ahhh, now you have it, Glenn Close of course. Like Meryl Streep she is not a classic beauty, her face has too much character. The kind of aristo look one would curtsey to. She is in fact a very distant relative of the late Diana Princess of Wales! But Glenn is no aristo, distinguished yes, but far too cheeky to launch ships with a straight face. Glenn is a Pisces the fish instead. Certainly not your commonplace haddock but a fluid angelfish floating around the coral reefs showing off her multi coloured fins. She is indefinable when it comes to every day moods, she might suddenly drop her fork and stare into the ethers like someone of a hazier minded disposition. This could be disconcerting to friends and husbands, but it is not her fault, it is the Aquarian moon making her partake of a mind-boggling insight all to do with humanity’s condition or her next role. When she is on set, she is on the ball. Precise, with such a meticulous approach, she has a reputation for being a real pro. But back home as she surveys all the costumes she has collected from her roles on stage and screen, yes she does collect them, she will drift off into show biz memories and think how wonderful life is as an actress. She would never let you know about her high ideals, the ones she inherited from her dad who opened a clinic in Africa. In fact, she is such a mix of visionary and tough minded professional even her extended family, she is Brooke Shield’s second cousin, might get confused. Venus in Aquarian will make her aura sensational when it comes to love. She intrigues her beau with that enchanting “across a crowded room” vibe. But she can be far too removed from basic emotion, far too inclined to disassociate from domestic trivia. Glenn wants the intimacy of deep passion when it comes to love. Her Eros is indeed that multi plumed angelfish, we spoke of before. Her nature so variant, so enmeshed in incomprehensible moods that partners are disconcerted and reach for the mineral water. She is on her third marriage. Her road to fame is straight, however, personal success assured with Jupiter in Scorpio. Yet her true gift is to travel to the recesses of Soul, converse with the Muse and bring back such brilliant interpretative skills we, her audience, are nothing less than captivated. Her interests could be metaphysical, she realises there is something beyond that explains her spiritual yearnings, the kind that do not fit in with Newtonian science. She could be drawn to quantum or string theories to decipher her kind of universe. Her Mercury in Pisces maintains our take that she is an original; with so much nervous energy she needs to retire to the top of a sacred mountain to contemplate. But solid principles will bring her back to earth. The enough will be enough! She will call up one of her powerful friends, and chat about the basic elements of existence until two in the morning. This year Glenn has to decide in what direction she wants to go. Over the next couple of years she could find life becomes a never-ending battle of jumping through fiery hoops, but she could use those hoops to develop that aforementioned mystical side and find it helps her accomplish more than she could have ever imagined. Mr Neptune will make one of her visions come true, not the one of perfect friendships and idealised love but rather an interesting global project close to her heart. Angelfish Glenn will swim her way back into the limelight, and surprise us with some interesting revelations, so do not be surprised that she is a dream girl after all!

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