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Ester – Real Housewife of Cheshire

Written by Philip Garcia

Barbie in Sequins

When Ester Dee alias Dohnalova was a little girl, she probably dressed her Barbie in sequins. Even then Ester has glam on her mind twenty four seven! So, much so, Czechoslovakia was not big enough to contain her ”blonde ambition!” Perhaps the set of Real Housewives of Cheshire is not big enough either. You see, even though she looks delectable in deep décolleté and diamond earrings she could have a problem with the words “Real!” and “Housewives!”

So, who’s the real Ester Dee? Is she more than a thirty-two-year-old Czechoslovakian hottie bouncing around our TV screens with her breasts all “a jiggle?” Well, one thing is certain, other than being the centre of attention on screen she is the centre of a scandal off it. Her “real” husband insists she is a fake! He told the Sun “How could the programme makers have let her do this? The whole thing is sick Ester is my wife, she doesn’t live in Cheshire, and there is no Cheshire mansion. She splits her time between my apartment in Leamington Spa and one I bought for her in Wales. The Rolls-Royce she drives is mine.”

A Silver Spoon in Her Mouth

Okay, when millionaire husbands complain, Ester worries not, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, even though she has a tendency to put her foot in it! And to boot she does all that for a reason, “Publicity! We blame Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Capricorn for that particular trait! You see, the aforementioned planetary twister made her actually feel “destined for greatness” the moment she popped out of her mother’s womb.


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So how did Ester end up on Cheshire Housewives? Well, probably because of her aforementioned “blonde” demeanour plus that Sun in Aqui and Moon in Cappy an astro combo that ensures she is a laugh a minute “tongue in cheek” style of course. There is more, Pleasure is her big P. In fact, her fun-loving capers mesmerise us; we love the way she speaks out of turn, taking us for a ride with “scandals” that increase audience ratings and were probably written in a little black book she hid in her lace underwear a long time ago. She virtually admitted her head is definitely not “in the clouds” and she is more than capable of thinking up ways to make a lot of dosh…. fast. To prove it she told the Daily Star that her fellow Housewives of Cheshire “…..have the figures of goddesses and the heads of a businesswoman!” Okay, Ester.

So is Ester one big illusion? Well Mercury in Cappy ensures she is definitely into screwing in those nuts and bolts; She is certainly very real when she walks her talk even though it is “blabber mouth.” Indeed, she loves to boast about her collection of 180 handbags and five hundred pairs of shoes so much so her fellow Real Housewives rarely get a word in edgeways.


Now we will let you into a little secret! When she was a young thing in Czechoslovakia, Mars in Pisces ensured her dreams would come true. She believed in ber beauty you see, and day dreamed about being a princess on a TV show . She was kind though, and still can be. In other words she will not walk over anyone to get to the top, unless they happen to be a millionaire.

Venus also in Pisces tells us another secret, she yearns to meet her soul mate, In fact, when Ester forgets “blonde ambition” she dreams “true love” and if she were to find it she would be gentle, she would drown in a sea of emotion her heart beating with passion and intensity. She is aware of this “weakness”, and tries to laugh it off, even hiding it from a furious husband and now scandalous lover, Rob Lloyd, her very rich amorous interest on the show.

Hiding a Gentle Heart from The World

If truth be told, Saturn in Scorpio is determined to teach this gal some soul lessons, and they could result in emotional suffering, especially when that ruthless streak hides her gentle heart from the world. The good news is that Jupiter in Capricorn works on her side. That benign star ensures fortune will follow her well into old age; even when she is an eighty year old she will look hot in a pink organza gown.

This is No Barbie Doll

Don’t let her kid you. Ester is no Barbie doll, she is a ladette, she can handle most truths, she can face up to most struggles. She can change the cards on everybody’s table in minutes! Pluto in Scorpio tells us so! It also tells us this lady was never for burning no matter how dumb you think she is, no matter how much you wonder whether she just one big act!

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