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Emma Forbes

Written by Philip Garcia

The latest news on that lovely Taurus, Emma Forbes, is that she has been proposed as a replacement for Fern Britton on This Morning! Well, she has the right vibe, with that Venus in Gemini. In fact, she is a whiz when it comes to the art of conversation, and can put virtually anyone at ease. Plus she is a doting mother of two; the kind of lady the great British public can identify with. In any event, with her show business pedigree to stand her in good stead she would be a good person to hold through a This Morning crisis, i.e. the star guest does not show up, a sex symbol spills tea over her decolte, an overweight housewife pulls a muscle during an exercise class. She is the beloved daughter of Nanette Newman, and Bryan Forbes “a child of the arts!” as it were.

Her parents are both gifted entertainers, her mother a popular actress, her father a gifted film director, actor and writer. We imagine she was brought up in a glittering show biz milieu that included doting celebrity friends, in fact during her childhood years a next door neighbour was said to be Elton John! Emma was a graduate of the well known Italia Conti stage school and began her career as a children’s presenter, few will forget her “girl next door demeanour” and fresh faced approach to kid’s programmes such as Live and Kicking. But she had no intention of presenting L&K forever, She was an ambitious lady, still is, with that Moon in Scorpio. She moved on to presenting “What’s my Line!” and become the poster girl of a long running ad campaign for “Head and Shoulders” shampoo too. Perhaps as a result of that campaign, she was voted sixty fourth in the line up for the world’s sexiest women. But she is no big head; she takes success in her stride. She has worked darned hard to achieve, to overcome her own doubts and fears!

Her Sun sign in Taurus makes her a practical, “feet on the ground” type of gal anyway. She exudes a personality that some may be in awe of it, and okay she could be inclined to dogmatism, or sticking her oar in. The occasional “storm in a teacup” might be the order of the day when she is only trying to balance her energies, like deciding whether she likes you or not. If she does you will be her very best friend and she will express her feelings for you with kind actions and a protective presence. She has high expectations from life, you know, and she is inclined to maintain her “high on the hog” perceptions regarding living standards, her space will be Feng Shui luxurious and her taste in clothes exquisite. Add to that delightful combo a Scorpion moon sex appeal, and she would attract the guys like those proverbial bees to honey. She might even be considered a closet sex kitten. These days she is married to husband Graham. Her vibrant Venus placement will make her a fun companion, she loves hubby’s intelligence, his capacity to see straight into the core of a problem, anyway he would have to be a genius, or at least a half genius, because she will want to talk to him about the String Theory of Einstein’s theory of relativity!

This beautiful gal suffered from postnatal depression, she recreated herself as a result, morphed into a Children’s Party Hostess to keep active and positive. Some might ask who is that lady rushing around, never stopping, not even to have a second cup of tea. Not to worry, it is just busy Mars in Virgo revving up Emma’s energy systems, and a more laid back North Node in Gemini revving them down! A bit of a mini conflict there, but it will all sort itself out, so you can have that cupper after all Emma. In fact we can see you are almost ready to admit that the challenges of life are an integral part of it, and no matter what happens your best bet is to hang on by your nails to that calm side. By the way, Emma is renowned amongst the under tens for inventing “Star Grub”, a great alternative to a doggy bags, and guaranteed to get the type of Birthday Party where, playing Oranges and Lemons is not even an option, off the ground.

Her love of children is an integral part of who she is. Emma is now a very active patron for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. So yes, Emma, we would love to see you on This Morning, we know you would be an absolute Star. A kind and concerned Venus is guiding you on your way. Your buzz words will be “fun” and “success”, because things have been a bit slow, and now there are some possibilities to do the things you really love to do. We are shown success and popularity are going to be delivered to Emma on a silver tray, and she will be the last one to say no. Probably she will even pop off to make a cup of tea! Good on ya Emma!


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