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Debbie McGee

Written by Philip Garcia

We are sure the lovely Debbie McGee would not be offended if you did a “Honey I shrunk the Kids” on her; she would be perfect as a glorious fairy queen on top of your Christmas tree. Absolutely magical in looks, with that silver light glimmering around her blonde hair, she would shimmer like the star she truly is.

We are sure the lovely Debbie McGee would not be offended if you did a “Honey I shrunk the Kids” on her; she would be perfect as a glorious fairy queen on top of your Christmas tree. Absolutely magical in looks, with that silver light glimmering around her blonde hair, she would shimmer like the star she truly is. For the more ignorant of you, Debbie is the lovely wife of Paul Daniels the magician. Her relationship with Daniels started in 1979 after Mr Bernard Delfont found her a job as Paul’s magical assistant during his summer show at Great Yarmouth. After those predictable emotional “ups and downs”, they were married in Buckinghamshire in 1988. As exotic as she appears, this Scorpio blonde bombshell hails from your basic middle class background, her genes are Anglo/Irish. Her sister works for a bank, her brother is an accountant, and her parents ran a corner shop for years. Her dance talent was not unexpected, she was always such a pretty honey, and loved to dress up as a child. Sensible mum enrolled her in a dance school, but winning a scholarship to the Royal Ballet must have taken the wind even out of her family’s sails. She subsequently joined the Iranian ballet, becoming successful as a soloist, yet had to cut and run when the Iranian revolution exploded on the international scene, and changed her world forever. She returned to the UK, virtually empty handed until those great organisational abilities of hers set up a series of fantastic summer shows for the Bernard Delfont Organisation. Destiny had wanted her to take another direction, and with four intense Scorpio placements in her chart, i.e. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune she has never been one to disobey the Fates! The force of her personality has lead her down many a twisty road since then, synchronistic events could even have her fascinated by the “mysterious” and subjects like life after death. Yet when it comes to the “ups and downs” of spiritual evolution, she has more a “tomorrow is another day!” attitude. Mars in Taurus makes her a basic “feet on the ground” realist. She loves her jewellery, her pretty clothes and gorgeous home, her dog Houdini, such things necessary to a harmonious state of mind! However, long periods of creativity, followed by equally long periods of writer’s block, plus an inexplicable incapacity to express herself, can be frustrating to this lovely lady. Mrs Moon in Gemini is the culprit, that mind of hers goes hither and thither like a grass hopper, never totally relaxed and tuned into that colossal creative core in the very centre of her being. Mr. Mercury in Scorpio will compensate, picking her up yet again, stimulating her thinking processes till they are as clear as crystal. Her capacity to analyse a problem is astounding. She has borderline telepathic abilities; see her make mince meat of another’s problem! But ask her to work out her own issues, and she reaches for the mineral water. She will not spare anyone once she has worked you out. If you are good she will lavish you with praise, if you are bad she will tell you in no uncertain terms! Even the powerful Mr Daniels is riveted to his seat by her insights, yet she is a rock to him, helping him, if he lets her, reading him, and most people, like a book, and if she can’t it will be “all systems go” until she can. Sexy, magnetic, seductive, complex, wanting things to go her way, grist for Mr Daniel’s mill, we are still awaiting full disclosure when she publishes that famous book she has been writing for years. No matter the gossip around some of her business ventures, such as the model agency setback, her chart shows she was in good faith. That aforementioned Jupiter in Scorpio will have had her working hard to achieve, and taking a “business is business” approach. Sentimentality is not her thing when it comes to commerce! Anyway, she will know how to invest her money and get the best deal; in fact she will not allow herself to be manipulated by anyone! If she listens to the positive urgings of Saturn in Saggy she will follow her dreams, her inspirations, her creative impulses, and never let anyone pull her down. If she heeds Mr Saturn’s nagging voice, she will be glum, rather pessimistic, and want to hide away and cuddle her dog. But let us assure you, this lady is one great chick. Her Uranus in Leo makes her a one off, a myth in her own time, with a “never say die” spirit. Nothing can pull her down, for she will always bounce back like rubber ball, resilient, optimistic, and full of new ideas. Wherever she goes she will try to create her own mini family with her staff, with her friends, her hubby and dog Houdini. She needs that security, for at times a curtain must be drawn across the pain of life, and only a strong core of true, blue friends can help her do just that. Even if a cold reality will strike her on occasions, if she develops her more soulful gifts, she will find comfort as the years ensue. She is living through a noteworthy period of life. There are some changes coming, changes that she has wanted for some time. Slowly, patiently she has been taking small steps to achieve a new style, a new way of being. She is ready to write a new chapter of her book, the last one, and we sense if she gets it published it will be a huge success. In fact she could find out why she has incarnated on this planet at last. Bless you Debbie, you are noteworthy talent, and we cannot wait to see your next trick!

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